Tips for drift boat fishing

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This article talks about the different methods one can use when drift boat fishing.

Tips for drift boat fishing

Drift Boat Fishing is quite an interesting way to catch fish. There are several methods that you can use for fishing steel head from a drift boat. The following are some of the methods which you can use in Drift boat fishing.

Side Drifting:

This is a popular method used in conventional steel head fishing. You can use a bait a yarn and some rubber worms. This method can be used together with your fishing gear alongside the boat for longer and natural looking presentations.

You have to be careful that the yarn and the line of the fishing rod do not get entangled which will make it difficult for you to fish. You have to be two people to make sure that one casts the fishing rod first and another casts almost immediately after which will make the two to land a few meters apart but in the right positions.

You can also do side drifting using a float or bobber with a bait, a jig or rubber worms placed under it. This method requires that you keep your bobber tilted slightly up stream. You can use braided line which is good for fishing floats because it stays on top and is easy to mend.

Back Trolling Hotshots

You can use Tadpolly's Kwikfish. Flatfish or bait diver when using this method. It is also known as Pulling Plugs. These are normally set out in front of the boat with an equal distance from the boat. You can also row the boat at half speed as a way of slowing down the rate at which the rods in the pole holders get hooked.

The Spoons and Spinners

This method involves you setting up on the inside of the bend on the river and casting out and letting the spoon drift down the river. When you are inside of a bend the water pulls the spoon so that the lines stays tight and the fish will be able to pick them up.

When you are using Spinners you should cast out and reel in fast enough in order to spin the blade at a faster rate to avoid a hang up at the bottom.


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