Tips on Finding a Good Pet Groomer

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Because many pet owners are horrified about the risks brought about by home pet grooming such as wounds, clipper burns, ligament injuries, and even castration, the pet-grooming industry has grown in phenomenal proportions in terms of quality and diversity of service, numbers of groomers, and clients’ demands over the past few decades.

Tips on Finding a Good Pet Groomer

Pet grooming has evolved from a service that was mostly given to pets in preparation for a competition to wow the judges into a neighborhood service accessible to all pet owners.

Generally, a stroll through the park or the mall can lead you to a pet grooming salon. If you happen to see a person with a well-groomed pet, it would be a good idea to ask where the companion’s grooming was done. Pet breeders and veterinarians would also be good sources of recommendation for a pet groomer. They would probably know someone who could handle the special requirements of a particular dog or cat.

One good sign of an ideal pet grooming shop is the display of a decal or a plate of certification from a national pet groomers’ association. These certified memberships in organizations means that the groomer has met the technical and safety requirements, the necessary training and workshop attendances that are needed for the practice. Some are even certified master groomers who have elevated pet grooming to an art form. If you find one, your pet will most likely be in good hands.
In short, a certification is your best guarantee that the groomer is properly trained.

It would be good to compare prices with the other groomers around the area. Be wary of prices that are too low, it might mean that the groomers aren’t probably well trained of that the grooming shop is cutting corners in other areas that may risk your pet’s appearance or well being.

Use your nose as a guide to assess the shop’s quality of grooming. It should smell and look clean to you. Don’t trust your puppy on this aspect. When it comes to interesting smells, you likely have different standards.

You should be able to see the actual grooming area. Cleanliness is of utmost importance. Having well-maintained state of the art equipment is a great plus factor, too. A good pet grooming salon should ideally have two entry doors --one entering the waiting room from the street and another leading from the waiting room into the area where the pets are kept.

Salon Staff
Everyone in the salon including the groomers and the receptionists should seem relaxed around animals. A staff who enjoys the job is definitely a plus factor. You are more or less assured that they will take care of the pets as much as they take care of the reputation of their business.

Ask if you can observe the grooming of your pet. This will not be an issue with experienced groomers.

Finally, observe the animals that enter and leave the shop. Do they look happy or afraid?
Having these as your basic guidelines, hopefully you and your pet will have a satisfying experience that will hopefully forge a lasting relationship between groomer and client.


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