Tips on How to Tidy Your Bedroom, Part One of Two

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Because we all lead a very fast and busy lifestyle, it has become a very common problem indeed that we have to face on a daily basis; yes, it’s the appearance of our bedroom.

Tips on How to Tidy Your Bedroom, Part One of Two

Let’s all be realistic, it’s the one thing we would ALL rather do, ’some other day, when there’s free time on our hands.’ Because we all lead a very fast and busy lifestyle, it has become a very common problem indeed that we have to face on a daily basis; yes, it’s the appearance of our bedroom. Even when we sit in front of the television set downstairs watching our favourite soaps and t.v shows, our minds are subconsciously dwelling on the eye sores around our bedroom and whenever someone comes in to visit, be it a querying guest who wants to just follow you up for a moment to look at something you’ve kept treasured away (in the hope that no one will ever mention it again), or a small child who you have to look after, who insists on taking over your p.c, whatever the reason, it’s very embarrassing. So, here then, are a few tips to tidy your bedroom.Alright, first of all, the capital A is to relax and free your mind. Make everyone aware, well in advance, in particular, family members, that you need some vital time to yourself. Let’s say two hours. Once they have offered their seal of approval, then when that golden moment you’ve cherished so long finally arrives, you will find yourself smiling uncontrollably and feel just like a newly born lamb in the spring, as you make your way to your bedroom and close your door and lock it. That is the first step.
If there’s a chair, sit down and pretend, just for a moment, that you’ve been called to help clear a friend’s room. Placing yourself as the third party really does wonders. It puts you in the right frame of mind. Then take a good look around your bedroom at the floor, the walls, the furniture and the most challenging part of all, the overcrowded cupboards. Keep a bottle of mineral water nearby; you’ll need it as you ‘get in there’ and be amazed how quickly you need to re-hydrate your body. Also, if you have a music system, put your favourite c.d on so you can enjoy and tidy up simultaneously. So, now you have a mental picture of your bedroom, you can stand up and roll up your sleeves ready to begin practically. And remember, that it’s going to be tidied in short sessions of one to two hours and then thirty minutes break so you can show yourself some compassion. Here goes, and all the best!

Tips on How to Tidy Your Bedroom, Part One of Two

The first rule of tidiness is to ‘make space’. A tidy room, be it bedroom or any room, is a room where there is plenty of open space. Look for items that clash. For instance, if you have two filing cabinets length ways and a neat white desk leaning on the wall beside it, there’s going to be a clash. For when you try and open the filing cabinet drawers they will hit the desk each time and more so , won’t open fully. Allow space between each object so it opens and closes properly. Follow this procedure and keep only those items in the bedroom that blend in. Sometimes an item that may look perfect in one room is displayed in another and will always look odd. So, do ensure that you distance each piece of furniture apart or carefully remove them from your bedroom. If they are heavy, never attempt to lift or move them alone, always get someone to help you and drag it slowly at angles, rather than attempt to lift them, which can cause slipped disc, back aches and cramps. Suddenly, you will find the room is already looking more spacier. And In a room that’s really spacey, your voice echoes, as will the music on your Cd!Once all the unnecessary objects are out of sight, you have ample space to move around and experiment. The bed will traditionally rest in front of the window, in the centre of the room, but feel free to wheel it around to the place it suits you. After all, your comfort comes first. If there are any magazines and newspapers piled around the bed, on the floor or in the cupboards, take them out and pile them into one set. Local shopping centres provide free cardboard boxes and you can obtain them from there and place all these magazines inside and place in a loft, again with someones help. So now, you have a room that’s spacey and no unwanted objects lying around. Sit down and drink some mineral water. Put on another Cd. Close your eyes and rest for thirty minutes.

Tips on How to Tidy Your Bedroom, Part One of Two

Now, hopefully you are re-vitalised, as you look around you will feel inspiration that look how much I have achieved in just over an hour. There’s still that thirty minutes left. So the next thing is to open the cupboard and empty it out completely. Remove all those extra sets on clothes that share the same hanger. Most of the clothes, you will find, fold quite comfortably. You can compile folded sets and they will take up less space. Use the hangers, especially wire ones, for handyman jobs. They come in very useful in this area. Before placing your neatly piled sets back in, get a dusting cloth and clear away any dust and if there’s a hoover handy, suck out all the specks and debris that lye around. In a nutshell, get rid of all clutter. This is, after all, your private cupboard where your precious sets of clothes are to be displayed nicely. Of course, there will the odd suit or dress (or both) which need hangers, so ensure you keep the best ones to one side. Also, make sure you keep all your emotional and valuable items to one side, safely. If possible, buy a small safe and keep them intact under combination lock and key.
So now, you can help yourself to another sip of mineral water and while you’re at it, make sure you open your bedroom window to allow fresh air into the room. Sit down and take a look at all your hard work. There now, isn’t that a pretty sight? Now, your two hours are nearing completion you can sleep very comfortably tonight in your ‘new bedroom’ dreaming of the next two hours which you have booked for the following day, preferably at the same time. Now you can go down and fix yourself a hot cup of tea or horlicks; you deserve it! And then watch the t.v. until it’s time to go to bed. Also, if you feel you may have over-done it a little then fix yourself a glass of warm cocoa and a sandwich before you turn out the lights and retreat to bed. Happy dreams
until part two!


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