Tips on How to Tidy Your Bedroom, Part Two of Two

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Maintenance of a bedroom, or any other room in the place you live, is the key factor which will keep everything looking neat and tidy all day long.

Tips on How to Tidy Your Bedroom, Part Two of Two

Refreshed and ready to continue from where you left off? Hopefully that should be the source of your inspiration as you continue the task of tidying your bedroom. Alright, so 90% of the work has been done. So what next? There’s one word to sum it up and that’s ‘maintenance’.
Maintenance of a bedroom, or any other room in the place you live, is the key factor which will keep everything looking neat and tidy all day long. The advantage of lino over carpet is that you can see the germs on the surface, whereas carpets tend to absorb and hide the germs so always wear a pair of disposable gloves to protect your skin to prevent any allergy and, if you can, attach one of those elasticated plastic nose cups or even tie some light garment like a handkerchief around your face, covering your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling dist and germs that tend to float around in the air. Find a duster and dustpan to collect all the dust and rubble on the surface and then discard carefully in a bin bag,

Once the floor is dust free, then get a mop and bucket filled with warm water and soapy solution (floor cleaner). Ensure the window is open to allow air to circulate and dry the floor quicker. Now comes the fun part. Start from one end of the room and work your way back to the main door, mopping in smooth swipes, scrubbing any area that has stubborn stains. Depending on the size of the bedroom, it should generally take around twenty minutes at a relaxed pace. Allow to dry.

Tips on How to Tidy Your Bedroom, Part Two of Two

Return to room within fifteen minutes and you will be able to see the fruits of your hard labour at a glance. A tidy and spotless surface. You will also come to realise that the benefits of tidying in installments has paid off very well and it will become your second nature to tidy up for maintenance every day. Another tip, common sense really, is that it is better to do a little per day than challenge it all in one day. The advantage here, which I can guarantee, is that once you become hygiene conscious then there’s no looking back. Not only that, but you will become the source of inspiration to all the family members who, you will find, will begin to follow in your clean freak progress. But that’s a compliment to you.
The furniture that is in your bedroom should be cleaned regularly as-well. Ideally you’re looking for two items. A dust cloth with environmentally friendly furniture polish and an environmentally friendly non-irritant spray. Ensure that your spray your bedroom outside your room, looking in and then spray lightly around your bedroom and close the door. There are several herbal sprays that give the aroma of a garden, such as lavender and roses. Also one more vital tip is to keep moving furniture time to time (with someones help) to clean underneath them. Don’t let it rest too long in one space as this will develop into a breeding home for creepy crawlies, unwanted germs, bugs ,bacteria and those clusters of fluff that tend to form, especially around the wheels, or underside, of furniture or inanimate objects which have been placed on display, untouched for days on end.

Tips on How to Tidy Your Bedroom, Part Two of Two

‘Extras’, add-on features or accessories to enhance your bedroom can include checking out the colour scheme. Does everything blend and compliment one another? If, for instance, you have maroon drapers and let’s say, a very bright green bedspread, they won’t really compliment one another, so select the one colour of your choice and ensure it is surrounded by ones that blend. You could also place soft portraits on the wall, well spaced out for the eyes to focus. Perhaps a wall clock of your choice, be it antique or modern and a shiny well polished body length mirror before the dressing cabinet. You can get dipped lights to create a relaxed sleepy atmosphere for night time, or wherever you need to rest. These will help establish ‘a new look’.
All having said and done, you are now a very very happy soul because finally, you have before you a spacious bedroom all dust free and polished. The next thing is to step back for a moment and look around. Once again, see it from a third person’s perspective. Imagine for a moment that you are a critic. This will do wonders as you will sustain a realistic aproach to tidying and maintenance.
And finally, whatever is your regular routine, you can always be at ease knowing that every-time you open your bedroom door, it’s going to be the one room in the house you want to remain in all day long and you did it all by yourself. Well done!


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