Tips on Time Traveling

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Here are some tips on how to time travel in the most efficient ways, so as not to loose out on your NOWS.

We all Time Travel

I believe we are all time travelers. As one goes through their day, thoughts pass through in cinematic fashion; snippets of memories, replays of important moments, flashes of a desired future. These places are necessary to travel to and are valuable unless they preclude you from your NOWS. If we miss a tug on our apron string, a true whiff of clean air or a baking cookie, the brief look of need from a loved one, we have missed the true gift of life... the present. The present, opened mindfully with full attention is chock full and overflowing moment by moment, NOW by NOW, then it is history.

Blast to the Past

There are times when you will 'flash back' to the past and when this happens, it is good to pay attention to what the message is. For instance, a friend is asking to borrow $5.00 and you are reaching for your wallet or purse when you have a flashback of your friend asking for $5.00 a few weeks ago and noting that s/he had not repaid the loan. The link in was s/he said, "I promise I'll pay you back next week when I get paid." because that is exactly what s/he said a couple weeks ago. The flash back gives you information that you need to make the decision to loan the $5.00. If you go ahead and do it, you must be aware that this debt will likely not be repaid. You must take full responsibility for what you decide based on what you have learned from the past.

'Visions' for the Future

We need to have 'visions' of the future we are creating and so we spend time in the future doing just that. Best to create your future when quiet time has been set aside, the phone turned off. Visualizing yourself vacationing in Bali, driving that new to you vehicle, decorating the house you are getting ready to make an offer on; all these are creative thoughts that literally 'create' your future. You must spend time there, so make it special; add emotion 'What does it feel like?', make 'dream boards' with cut-outs, drawings, words, share with those you trust with your dreams. Allow no one to be negative or shoot water on your fire.

The 'Present' is the GIFT

Of course, the time which offers the juiciest rewards are the present moments. They pass quickly, one right after the other, but while they are moving you can savor that grape, wink at that pretty gal, flirt with that handsome fella. You can smell each breath of the air you take in and expel. Often, those scents will jettison you to the past, another May Spring day when the Lilacs were blooming. Go there, cherish that picnic memory, but don't stay too long, the present is waiting for you always. Open it!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jun 2013 (#)

Beautifully said. We should balance the past and future but never forget to live the present which is the best present! siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
1st Jun 2013 (#)

most interesting indeed this...thank you LoriAnne

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