Tips on how to select the best hiking boots

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This article is about Tips on how to select the best hiking boots

Tips on how to select the best hiking boots

Getting the right hiking boots is not usually as easy as people make it sound. If you are a real hiker, it is easy to look at different boots and tell which ones will have you limping back home with issues such as blisters, twisted ankles or fasciitis cases. Getting boots for hiking is not about being stylish, it is basically about enjoying nature in a very comfortable, safe and secure way. Here, are some of the top qualities to look for in a hiking boot:

One: Get a boot with good traction.

Most people that are new to hiking will be tempted to use tennis shoes for the job. The problem with tennis shoes is that they are designed for running on concrete surfaces. This means that their soles cannot provide enough traction to deal with rocks, boulders or rough surfaces. When selecting hiking boots, go for those whole soles will provide the necessary traction to avoid slipping and falling.

Two: The value of great ankle support in a hiking boot

Hiking is usually done on very rough terrain. If you make the mistake of getting shoes that do not provide ankle support e.g. sandals, a little misstep will lead to a sprained ankle or a very nasty fall. The best hiking boots go a little higher than the ankle. This means that even when you make a misstep, your foot will move as a unit and ankle dislocation will not happen.

Three: water proof boots are the best

When hiking, you are likely to come across places where water has swamped. Water proof boots will save you the trouble of having to wash off muddy and smelly feet after a long day of hiking. Preferably, go for boots that are made of Gore-Tex material. This is a breathable material that is also waterproof. It is the best way to make sure that your feet smell fresh and don't get water as you explore the great outdoors.

Four: finding the right size and breaking in the boots

One of the major reasons why people have a hard time with hiking boots is because they are unable to select the right size. Do not simply go for the size that corresponds to your regular shoe size, instead, take time and even head to a store and fit the varieties that are available. Have a professional do a fitting for you and give you your appropriate hiking boot size. Once you have selected the right pair of boots, make sure that you break them in before you go hiking with them. You can do this by putting them on and walking around the house in them. This way, they will get used to the shape of your feet and won't give you blisters when you go hiking in them.

Those are some of the major factors to consider when selecting hiking boots. Basically, if you are keen about the four factors mentioned above when you go for boot shopping, you can never go wrong.


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