Tips to Keep Acne Away From You

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Wash your face daily Acne normally start to appear when you hit puberty , fortunate some of us never had to go through that but for some its a lot of fight trying to keep their face clear .

How To...

During puberty the over active hormone (testosterone ) cause the skin to produce more sebum than the regular , this oil become too much and clog the pores on the face and bacteria begin to form creating what we called "acne" . So even though washing your face wont automatically fix the problem its a good place to start by washing the face twice a day to keep it clean from bacteria . Wash the face with lukewarm water and a soap made for people with acne or gentle facial wash .

Do not scrub/rub - Because acne is normally irritated its best to be gentle and massage the soap in circular motion to prevent even more irritation . Also i you are using a cleanser , massage the cleanser gentle to the face , rinse as usual with lukewarm water and pat dry .

Adopt to a cleanser Containing Salicylic Acid , this is one of the most effective anti-acne chemical out there . Salicylic Acid may takes weeks to start show improvement so sit back and be patient . You can also try using a cleanser with a benzoyl peroxide, this work by breaking up the dead cells can clog pores . Do not used high dosage of benzoyl peroxide as this can irritate the skin . If any of these two or too hash for your sin consider using a more gentle product .

Avoid touching the face, and avoid too much contact with your phone to your face . Over touching your face will help the spread of the bacteria that . Wash your hands before applying anything to your face . Keep glass clean to prevent oil from clogging pores around the nose .

Remove make up every night before going to bed

Keep hair from the face , this will help prevent more dirt and oils from the face .

Also avoid pimple poping , popping pimples can push the infected material further into the skin, this will lead to more swelling and redness, and scarring.


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