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When you need to know the truth, find out whose pocket is effected


I live in Jamaica.

The reason I announce this, is because, those who live in the West Indies know about 'Moors'.

Moors cause a sense of fear, of confrontation of the powerful.

This is because 'Moors', North Africans, were the most effective and dangerous pirates.

Many people, especially Americans, do not begin to know who the Moors were. The Tripolitan War is ignored by American history, save for that stanza in the Marine Hymn; "from the shores of Tripoli."

Allegedly intelligent people use the term 'Moor' interchangeably with Black or Negro, ignoring the essence.

The Moors enslaved millions of people. We know this, for those who lived in Jamaica, or another island in the Caribbean, who were traveling to or from, were often captured.


In general History ignores the Moors. It sweeps the power of North Africans away as some accident of time..

How many millions of Europeans were taken as slaves is constantly under-estimated.

If one can do math and say 50 people per ship times 500 in One Seven Year Period, and appreciate that the Moors were in ascendancy from about 700 to 1840...we are talking Millions.

Millions of Europeans were enslaved by the Moor if they were not 'redeemed'. Redemption meant a Ransom was paid.

Those who live in this part of the world, know the dozens of Agencies which were created to redeem slaves taken by the Moors.

To avoid arguments as to how powerful the Moors were, don't go to history.
History is written by the victors.

It is written with a bias, deliberately or accidentally. Instead, follow the money.

The Money

Lloyds of London insured ships. In one seven year period, it paid out on nearly Five Hundred ships that were captured by Corsairs.

Anyone who has the misfortune of dealing with an insurance company, knows they do everything Not to pay. They investigate with the intent to disqualify. They take every opportunity to cut their losses.

For Lloyds to pay out on nearly Five Hundred ships means that many more were captured and many claims were dismissed.

There were a Lot of ships captured by Corsairs. A lot of Europeans captured and enslaved. A lot.

In Jamaica, 1 Duke Street was owned by the Women's Self Help; which was an agency set up to redeem women who were captured by the Moors and teach them trades so that they could survive.

This is because no one was going to marry a woman who had been part of a harem somewhere.

It was only after the Moors were defeated, that these trusts were dissolved, the money going to create Teacher's colleges for ex-slaves.

In almost every ex-British territory there is some imposing teacher's college which was built through the funds collected to redeem those taken by the Moors.

This is the impact the Moors have had on West Indian society.

Follow the money, follow it forward, follow it back, and you'll find the truth.


Being on the Parish Disaster Committee, needing to track hurricanes, I use Boatus insures yachts.

The path of a hurricane is very important to Boatus. If you have a yacht they insure, they make it the centre of their being to track a storm, inch by inch so that they can advise their customers where to go.

If they mess up and a yacht is damaged, they have to pay.

To emphasise this; hurricane Tomas was 'supposed' to hit the East Coast of Jamaica. The country went into the usual panic. There were lock downs, there was the opening of Shelters, a number of crucial businesses had staff sleep over.

Having tracked Tomas, it was clear it would run between Jamaica and Haiti. I tried, I really did, to inform various meteorological services they were wrong.

They ignored me.

Tomas followed the track Boatus set. Millions of dollars wasted, terror dispensed, for nothing.

As I am writing, Ericka is moving through the Caribbean. Jamaica has been told it will hit. The site that insures yachts has it passing far to the North of Jamaica.

Believe a meteorologist or a site the insures yachts?

When you need to know the truth, follow the money.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th Aug 2015 (#)

Interesting perspective, thanks Kaylar. Those who have a stake know better - siva

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author avatar kaylar
30th Aug 2015 (#)

It is a sad commentary, but it is a useful one; when it comes to the pocket, that is the truth.
If one is not willing to put up their money words mean nothing.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
30th Aug 2015 (#)

Indeed what you write is true. Thanks for sharing this informative piece.

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author avatar kaylar
30th Aug 2015 (#)

You are very welcome

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
31st Aug 2015 (#)

The history books tend to leave out a lot of information. Here in Canada, and the USA, for example, people seem to think that white folks stormed into Africa and abducted black folks to use as slaves, they completely miss the part that the black slaves that were brought here were in fact owned as slaves in Africa, and were owned by other Africans who sold them to the slave traders!

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author avatar Bets
31st Aug 2015 (#)

Read your comment Mark and this info you have mentioned amazes me. I guess not many people do understand the reality about the beginnings of black slavery.

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author avatar kaylar
31st Aug 2015 (#)

This is true. It is hidden. It is part of the idea of making Africans think they are weak and easily conquered.

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author avatar Retired
31st Aug 2015 (#)

If I may paraphrase, your article advises to disregard government agency predictions and follow the advice of private enterprises such as insurance companies. If I've got that right, I agree with you one hundred percent!

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author avatar kaylar
31st Aug 2015 (#)

If I had used the 'governmental' weather service, I'd be running around like Chicken Little. Because I use Boatus, I knew exactly where the hurricanes would go, including Danny, Ericka and now Fred.

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author avatar Bets
31st Aug 2015 (#)

Nice article and it's too bad the meteorologists wouldn't agree with you about the location of the hurricane 'Tomas' cause it would have been a big deal.

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author avatar kaylar
31st Aug 2015 (#)

When the hurricane went between Jamaica and Haiti they 'revised'. Things were so bad that they had Ivan coming towards Kingston, when it had turned West and was more than fifty miles away.

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