To motivate you....

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Words that come from heart have no limit and so is with this article…..

To Motivate you...

It’s me when I’m 15 years Old. 15 years! Meant, have passed Fifteen years on Earth and yet have done nothing for it else than entertaining people with my self-written Novels. Anything else?? Nothing! Then, what’s this life meant for??
A Life without doing something great is no better than the life of any other animal. So, learn to value your Life!. Let’s do something remarkable and great! Something Great! Yes! Something great! To inspire the Youth and the Children proving “Age isn’t a Barrier”. When you possess any talent, you needn’t make any time to be awaited to open it. And, you possess every talent and every extraordinary talent on the Planet. So, why not spend some time to open it out?? Why not spend and utilize your time to help anyone?? Every Second is got to be very Important and Significant. Just a Second later, your Present becomes a part of the Past and a part of your Future becomes your Present. When these many changes take place within a second, why not use it to the maximum?? We don’t get to realize the importance of anything, until we get to face the other extreme of it. In cases of emergencies, we look and pray God for time, even though you know, the preciousness of Time is never affordable, but still…. So, utilize your Present properly. When you don’t get to utilize the Present properly, how can you ensure that the Future will be utilized properly ?? Think, how many contributions of yours are made for the Country?? The answer is found to be a gigantic zero!. Why not make it such that, this zero becomes something great from something that has got no value at all?? Wake up! Wake up! There’s no time to be reversed! Nor any time to be wasted. Wasting the time unnecessarily meant wasting a valuable talent within you! Believe yourselves that you can really do something for the country.. Believe you are Intelligent! Believe you are an Extraordinary Man! Don’t care what the World’s doing! Remember if the World’s wasting time unnecessarily and if you too are doing so, then there’s got to be no difference between you and the World. This is proved by the Euclid’s Fifth Axiom “If two things are equivalent to the same things, then the two things are equal to one another”. Now question yourselves, how many in this World now you?? Rather do something for the Planet or rather cease your unnecessary life! Your existence should be Justified here. Lest, there’s no Justification, the whole process to your Life’s question becomes Invalid. Be determined, Be consistent. Make others happy, then find the same happiness in yourselves…………………


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author avatar Ptrikha
15th May 2015 (#)

Remarkable thoughts- will try to imbibe something from this.

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