To my way of thinking, society is going to get better, but first, it will get "worse"

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I am a genuine die-hard optimist in so many ways, but, pessimism has its way of rearing its ugly self in my mind at key moments. I sort of use the weed killer of genuine perseverance in optimism even when things get rough. I even keep a poem called "Don't Quit" in my arsenal on back of a picture of Saint Jude (The best friend of Jesus Christ of Nazareth) on my altar at home and one of my favorite novels is Don Quixote in the original Spanish by Miguel Cervantes.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going:

I know, that is an infamous Billy Ocean/Leslie Sebastian Charles song from the 1980s, but I truly and honestly believe that statement with its personal meaning to me 100%. Real life is incurable optimism, fake life is fearing to act with decisiveness.

My Dad Joe used to say, "You either do or you do not." My Dad was the opposite, I feel, of Michael Jackson's Dad Joseph Jackson in that he was very loving, supportive and encouraged me to genuinely follow my own path with perseverance, patience, understanding and tolerance to genuine success on my own terms, not his terms. I remember him fondly, not that I do not love the rest of my family including my Mother and sister, but, he was a great guy who died way too soon. Here is where pessimism sort of rears its ugly head. I was so depressed when he died so young at fifty-two, that at twenty years old, I wanted to join him for awhile, and then, I changed my mind when it all when against my grain at the age of twenty-three. But, for two years, I really wanted to die and then I realized that saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln was true, "we are all as happy as we make up our minds to be". Sure, I thought, would my Dad want me to die horribly or with honor and all that. But, that was not my primary motivation. My primary motivation was to genuinely do my best on my own terms, probably better than even my Dad taught me as a boy.

To win the impossible seeming win in the face of all seeming loss

Society is going to get better, but first it has to go through "hard growth". What do I mean by "hard growth"? I mean real greatness and genuine winning is not easy to achieve as trophies and Oscar statues are only symbols, not great acting itself.

Sure, we can cry foul at many things, but the best revenge is genuine success beyond that foul we can cry about. That is the rub and the silly putty glue that holds failure together, when we cry without doing something productive and realistic about it.

Speaking of my Mom: To this day she gets on me in a good way about making stupid excuses for stupid small failures. Because when you fail large and have to succeed ultimately, where perseverance and never quit you need when you are not in condition to have it? This is where decisiveness and "it is my responsibility" go hand-in-hand. Without it, all people are also ran, average and nothing. This is where it starts and ends.

With time, nothing is impossible

Every impossibility erodes with time. You can quote that if you like because it is a universal reality, truth and honesty. A few days ago, when I was slowly coming up with this idea for an article at least unconsciously when my Mom bought her amazing Apple phone, I realized this at a very succinct level.

In 2009, I flew to Hawaii with my Mom and thought deeply about the "miracle" of flight and its history that I was aware of. From Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machine ideas, Egyptian/Atlantis/Lemurian/Mu anti-gravity spaceships and the like to now and I realized that with time, all concepts are possible and feasible realistically through what I like to call "genuine evolution". My concept of "genuine evolution" is as follows:

With time, nothing productively bettering things that seems impossible, is impossible or to be looser with language: Nothing is impossible. Hey, Nicola Tesla and Gugeliemo Marconi were considered nuts or put into crazy houses for creating early and provably working cell towers and the like. What we consider normal now was very weird a century ago, good and bad. Take that to the bank. I put this all down to prove nothing is genuinely impossible with time and "genuine evolution".


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