Today at the games, day Fifteen 11th August 2012 with one day to go

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My report from the London Olympics through a Brit’s eye from a British point of view

The start of the day

Wow what better a way to start the day than with a gold medal, no sooner had the games started then Ed McKeever ruled the waves in the men's 200m Kayak for Britain’s 26th gold medal down at Eton Dorney with Spain’s Saul Craviotto Rivero the silver and Canada's Mark de Jonge the bronze.

It’s a busy morning for the medals men this morning, yet another gold has been won, this time it goes to the Ukraine Yuri Cheban in the canoe sprint men's canoe single.
Over at the Pool Britain's Tom Daley had just taken his first dive with a score of 81.00 but come on Tom we need to get into the 90s
A big “well done to Lisa Carrington of New Zealand she has just won a gold for her country in the canoe sprint women's kayak single, you got to hand it to these rowers they really put their heart and soul into it,
Yet another gold and it’s not 11am yet, the Russians Yury Postrigay and Alexander Dyachenko win with Britain getting the Bronze, in the men's kayak 200m double.

Will we get a medal in the diving

So far so good for Tom Daley in the diving he’s on 7th position after round four and on target to go into the finals, he’s just made 91.80 on the score board, "Go Tom go".
Two hours in, and the leaders of the 50km (Yes I did say 50km) race walk have just made the 30km mark.

Back down at Weymouth the sailing is just about to start, the lead in the race walk has changed hand, now we have three Russians taking the first three positions with 10Km to go, and good for Tom Daley in the diving who qualifies for the final of the 10m platform, the race walk in coming to an end with a fantastic effort from the Australian Tallent who has the leader Kirdyapkin in sight but it looks like he has too much to do, the result is Kirdyapkin for gold silver goes to Tallent.

Mountain biking

So far our cyclist have done so well with eight gold’s, two silvers and two bronze medals, how will we do in the mountain bike course? it’s just started and the girls have to race over an hour and a half over a very demanding course, let’s not get too excited yet, but our girl Annie Last in in second position.

Its half an hour in, Annie has dropped into fourth, but only just, this is a fun race to watch but I think I will leave it to the professional riders it look too hard for me.
Julie Bresset, from France picks up the gold after leading most of the way in the mountain bike women's cross country, 40 year old Sabine Spitz takes the silver, and Georgia Gould of the United States takes bronze, Annie Last made eighth, but well done Annie

If you can't win without drugs you are a Cheat

The modern Pentathlon is under way with Britain in eighth and fourteenth position,
It had to happen, I was hoping it wouldn’t but we seem to have our first cheater, a statement from the IOC say’s

“The Syrian woman athlete Ghfran Almouhamad has been disqualified from the Olympics after failing a drugs test”

Dictionary definition of cheat, Defrauder, Swindler and I can think of a couple of other names.
It's GB v Australia in hockey and within 15 minutes the Aussies are 1 – 0 in the lead,those pesky Aussies lol.
It's the start of the second half now, with the score now at 1-1 in a very close match, meanwhile at the individual all-around competition in the rhythmic gymnastics Evgeniya Kanaeva gains a gold Medal for Russia.

You just stop those Aussies when they get their teeth into something with a fighting back goal its 1-2 to the boys from down under, and now not satisfied with beating us they want to drag us through the mud with yet another goal its GB 1-3 Australia come on GB where’s your get up and go? It look bad as were are quickly coming to the end of the match, I think GBs get up and go just got up and went, it’s all over, well done to the better team Australia.

Football because we kick the ball with our feet

The Men’s football final ends with a win for Mexico, who gets the gold, well that was a surprising result, and so we have made it to the evening’s sporting events, Elena Lashmanova from Russia has just won the women’s 20k walk gold for Russia, David Svoboda CZE gets the gold in the man’s modern pentathlon, and will Usain Bolt win a sixth Olympic gold tonight in the sprint? All bets are off.

It’s the start of the men's 5,000m Mo Farah is on the starting blocks and their off Lopez Lamong is in the lead with Mo in a good position,the sprint is on Mo is in 6th position the bell rings and Mo is in the lead WOW what a guy, what an athlete what a winner Mo Farah win’s, it’s a gold for GB he becomes a double Olympic champion winning both the 5,000m and 10,000m in the same Games

Gold is coming from all ways

  • Gold goes to Sharif Sharifov, AZE in the Men's -84kg Greco-Roman wrestling
  • Gold goes to Mariya Savinova, RUS in the Women's 800m
  • Gold goes to Anna Chicherova for Russia in the High jump
  • Gold goes to Keshorn Walcottfor Trinidad and Tobago in the men’s Javelin
  • Gold goes to Zuo Shiming China in the Men’s light flyweight
  • Gold goes to Artur Taymazov UZB in the Men's 120kg Greco-Roman wrestling
  • Gold goes to Germany (Men's hockey)
  • Gold goes to Roniel Iglesias Sotolongo Cuba the Men's light welterweight 64kg, boxing
  • Gold goes to David Boudia USA Men's 10m platform

Over to the diving and good luck to Tom Daley, It’s the start of the women’s 4x400 relay, and The Americans are running as if on their own to win an easy gold, Jade Jones are Taekwondo gold medallist is just being interviewed on TV what a sport that taekwondo is, still it’s better than getting kicked in the head I suppose.

One more run to go and that the men’s 4x100 relay, and guess who will be running? Here we go The Bolt looks up and acknowledges the crowd, and we are away, its Jamaica V USA it’s a NEW WORLD RECORD I told you all bets were off.
I leave the stadium to watch the boxing where GB could get another medal the Irishman Nevin against GBs Campbell we are in to the final round it’s a close fight the crowd roar as Luke Campbell wins the gold, Tom Daley takes his fourth dive and he’s looking good, with two more boxing finals tomorrow I wonder I just wonder. Just the diving to go and I am heading for bed.

Tom Daley has one more dive, he’s in third position, now for Daley’s last dive, David Beckham is in the crowd he’s picked a good day to watch the diving the scores are very close now for that dive Tom takes that last dive, he’s in first position it’s now up to the other divers to beat him.Tom has won a medal but we don't know yet what colour, it’s the last dive and wow it puts Tom in to get a bronze medal.

The Spice Girls are getting back together for one time only, to feature as part of the closing ceremony along with many other stars of popular British music in a "Symphony of British Music" celebrating the last 50 years of popular British music, including George Michael, the Pet Shop Boys, Jessie J, and was that Del boy’s three wheel van I just saw?
Mitt Romney names fiscal conservative Paul Ryan as his running mate, is he in the Olympics as well?
This is how the top twelve looks tonight.

  1. United States
  2. China
  3. Great Britain and N. Ireland
  4. Russian Fed
  5. South Korea
  6. Germany
  7. France
  8. Hungary
  9. Australia
  10. Italy
  11. Netherlands
  12. Kazakhstan

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11th Aug 2012 (#)

Congrats to all the medal winners and all those who could just be there. I have tended to root for the underdog.

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11th Aug 2012 (#)

Excellent dear brother.

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12th Aug 2012 (#)

Nice contribution

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