Tools needed to design a website, edit or modify a website

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The tools required for creation of a website, edit or modify it. For the people who want to build there own website, tools and tips, the tools and designs that will help you build a website without knowing much or any language or coding knowledge.

For the people who don't know anything about websites

If you do want to build a website and have no knowledge about it, I mean not even basic HTML, you can too design a website using Wordpress, Joomla, Weebly, etc tools.
There are many website designing tools free to use, the best one for a blog is Wordpress, I would recommend Joomla for design of other Websites, but if its a little tricky to use, Weebly, Angel, many other online tools are available, for a professional website, Weebly like services are not recommended, as they are heavy code designs and some are not SEO friendly.
Wordpess, Joomla etc. however are widely used tools professionally.
How to build a site using these tools?(Wordpress like)
1. Download Wordpress-which is free (almost all of them are)
2. Using filezilla or a similar tool upload it to your server, it is easy you can find the steps at your service providers website, you have to create an ftp username and password and login via filezilla.
3. Using the readme steps in Wordpress install wordpress and you are done.

Who know basic HTML or CSS

Dreamweaver for HTML, Notepad++
If you know basic HTML, Dreamweaver will do the rest, it is exceptional tool for basic designing in HTML and some Javascript.
Filezilla can be used to upload pages to a server, using online tools may cause some error while transfer, also ftp is much faster.

If you know some language and basic scripts

Filezilla like ftp tool for upload to server
Notepad++ - The best one to make minor edits, even for complete coding in HTML and PHP like script
Visual Studio- Required to make asp .net websites, can be used for basic c, c# , html, js, css, f, php using different plugins, it can be used for both front and back end coding. It is used by most professionals and huge websites, almost all online shopping sites. There is no need of any other tool besides Visual studio if website has been started here and built here, however for basic sites that do not require much dynamic content, using VS may be more complex and would generate a lot of extra bloat code.

Suggestions for all

If your website is not made solely for an online business, or related to articles, writing or is not at a very large scale, designing it from a scratch will be waste of time.
If a blog or some dynamic content is to be added to a website, use already available tools, which are easier to find than to develop.
If you are making a website in Javascript, a tool such as Visual Studio can be very helpful.
Using Notepad like text editors for back-end coding is difficult.
Keep in mind seo is the main part of the website, focusing too much n the design is not required. Speed and compatibility should be maintained.
Too much flash or images are not a good idea. Using CSS styles instead will help.
Look for templates and designs you like before starting your website, a lot of time will be saved, if you find a free template, it is a wise decision to download it and edit according to your needs.


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