Top 5 uses for your USB

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You may not know it, but you can do more with a USB than just save your word documents on it. Here are 5 of the best uses.

1. Rescue your device

When your PC or laptop gets hit with a virus that takes it down, you know you are in trouble. Whether the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ or constant reboots signal the grim reaper, there is software to help rid your device of its demons. Save it to your USB and it can be called upon in emergencies. You should have security measures already installed such as antivirus and vulnerability management software in place. Picture by Adikos

2. Extra Juice

Providing you have extra space on your USB, you can plug it into your PC, laptop or tablet. It will then use the extra memory to boost performance. Your device will can source flash memory quicker than the usual hard disk, meaning a notable difference. On Windows OS, this function is called ReadyBoost. You’ll see this option popup when you plug your USB, then just simply follow the instructions to make it compatible.

3. Take your apps with you

While laptops and tablets provide portability, the USB stick goes one further. Ever find it annoying that your settings are saved on one device but not the other? Portable apps sit on your USB and can be used whenever and on whatever device you want. So if you save a lot of bookmarks on your browser, you can take them with. The great thing is there is no need to install the apps!

4. Added computer security

Computer security has never been more important in today’s world where much of our information is stored on our devices. Installing Predator, a freeware utility, on your USB allows you to add an extra layer of security. When your USB is plugged in, your device functions as normal. Remove your USB and your device goes into lockdown; the mouse and keyboard are disabled while the screen darkens.

5. Music Player

Okay, so most people have an MP3 player these days or have music on their phone, but you could use your USB as a music player. Maybe you wanted to save your phones memory for photos etc or you regularly forget to take your MP3 player with you; your USB is on hand to provide some musical goodness. This is particularly useful when you have a 16GB USB and you’re only using it to save word documents…

While they offer great functionality, USBs can be a security threat as they can spread viruses easily.

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