Top 8 Wall Accessories for Anybody’s Taste

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Empty walls are an eyesore and if you have a lot of them around your home it can look empty. Here are a few ideas on how you can liven them up.


There is something so overwhelming in decorating your home, something that gives it your personal touch and really turns it into YOUR place. There are so many things that you could do about your personal space that do not limit you with what is offered on the market. Decorating your walls will give your space a certain depth, it can make it visually bigger and, of course, more appealing to the eye. Here are some interesting wall accessories that you can use in your house.

Wall Stickers

During the past few years, wall stickers have become really popular. There are so many variations from different object silhouettes in black and white, stencils, messages and so much more. Just pick what suits your idea of a perfect home and customize your own walls. You can make some of your own drawings and get them printed for walls, and if you consider that you are not creative enough, you can still chose from a million of stickers offered online or in a home décor shop.


Wallpapers might be the easiest solution to cover big walls and make them stain proof but at the same time, they can be really artistic. All you will need is some glue, wallpapers, precision and good will. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to cover the whole walls with wallpapers, you can always put just one stripe to break the stillness of a certain wall.

Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are perfect for darker rooms where there is a lot of wooden furniture and straight lines. You can cover the space around your fireplace with wall tiles, or even the whole wall in your kitchen. There are types of these tiles that look antique, those that look like wood, smooth ones for a more contemporary designs, etc.

Framed Photographs

Memories on your walls are the greatest piece of art you can hang there. Frame some of your personal childhood photographs, your kid’s, your pet’s photos, or you can opt for some of your favorite photographer’s photos. The size of a printed photo can be adjusted to your demands, so you can fill any free space with just a few photographs or print them in a smaller size and fill a whole wall with small framed photographs.


Hanging paintings on your walls is a classical way to decorate your home. Choose what you like from some anonymous artist’s paintings to famous replicas - its’ your call. If you want to follow that trend, hang one of those two or three piece painting sets that together compose one image.

3D Wall Decals

If you are not satisfied with wall sticker,s you should try 3D wall decals. These are basically the same thing as the stickers, the only difference is that some of their parts are somewhat lifted from the wall. There are butterflies, flowers, hearts and other interesting shapes that are often glued onto your wall in small groups. You can choose the color, size and even the material they are made from, and some variations even come with glitter and strass.

Pop Art

A Pop art photograph is something that almost everybody wants in their home. These colorful photographs will make your home livelier and fun to spend time in. Your friends will be amazed, trust me. Replicas of Andy Warhol's work are the most popular, but nowadays, you can turn some of your own photos to pop art.

Decorative Mirror Mosaics

Mirror mosaic can make your rooms look spacious and give them certain visual depth. Plus, there are so many different shapes you can create by composing mirror pieces together. If you wish, you can do it with plain mirror or with colored mirror pieces. Those who wish to have something that is unique and inspiring on their walls should try making a decorative mirror mosaic.


Here are a few creative advice on what you could do with your walls, and if you think you are crafty and artistic, you could always come up with some of your own ideas. Whatever works for you and whatever you consider interesting is indeed what you should do with your home.


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11th Sep 2014 (#)

My wife and I often say we will do something about properly decorating the walls, but we never get around to it.

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12th Nov 2015 (#)

Being an artist myself, it's always interesting to learn more about what you can hang on the wall!

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