Top Reasons For High Fuel Economy In 2016 Mazda6

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The completely revamped 2016 Mazda6 GT has received great reviews in Canada. Canadian reviews of the car have always been positive. The selection of the car as the AJAC Canadian Car of the Year in 2014 is strong proof of this fact. Moreover, a diesel version of the car is being planned to boost the sales even more.

A Brief Overview

Introduced in January 2015, the 2016 Mazda6 comes in three new colours, updated technology for safety, enhanced finish, sound insulation and heated rear seats. The instrument panel and console in the center have also been redesigned to increase the stylish appearance. To understand the prices and deals on Mazda 6, visit Budds Mazda.

2016 Mazda6 retains its previous exterior finish, so on the first glance it is difficult to note the minor changes introduced, like the sixth slat added to the front grille, redesigned headlights, chrome trim around the grill and fog lights, and the LED fog and head lights present in the top trim. The lower grill is illuminated as well to give the car a grand new look during night-time.

On the technological front, the three pod cluster gauge is similar to the earlier model, but with a few additions such as additional radar cruise control display and warning system for lane departure. The engine specs and suspension have been tweaked to give high fuel economy and performance.

Fuel Efficiency Factors

While driving 2016 Mazda6 in Toronto, you can be assured of phenomenal fuel economy. When compared to other sedan models of similar size, the fuel economy is higher irrespective of the model of Mazda 6 you choose. This is fuel economy is mainly due to two key factors:

1. i-ELOOP

This is a significant reason for the fuel efficiency in 2016 Mazda6. This technology is included in the GT trim and consists of regenerative braking process. The system absorbs kinetic energy, which is unused during deceleration of the vehicle and so accumulates it in electric form in a small capacitor. During acceleration, this electric energy is used reducing the work of the engine. The energy also helps run the audio system in the vehicle.

2. SkyActiv Technology

This improves fuel efficiency by making the engine need less amount of fuel for energy production. Performance is also increased along with efficiency.

Satisfaction in Numbers

The gas mileage stats of the 2016 Mazda6 will give a clear idea of the fuel efficiency you can expect with the vehicle. The SkyActive and IELOOP technology introduced in the Mazda6 models help give a fuel economy of 9.4 litres per 100 kilometres, while driving within city limits, and a 6.4L per 100 km mileage, while driving on the highway for 6 speed manual transmissions, whereas for the 6 speed automatic transmissions, the numbers improve to about 6.1 and 8.8 L for every 100 km in the highway and city respectively.

Models that have i-ELOOP technology give even more impressive stats of 8.5 L in the city and on the highway; about 5.9L per 100 km. When you are aware of the variations, you can choose the right model and save a considerable sum on fuel expenses. While you are considering fuel economy ensure you maintain your 2016 Mazda6 in good condition. Checking on tire pressure, filter change and transmission fluid will further increase the efficiency.


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