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For those starting a blog there are a few things to consider. Blogging can be good fun, and a good blog can gain lots of traffic. However, how can a good traffic flow be assured for a blog? Here are 10 tips for beginners to get started with.

One: Select a Good Blog Host

There is some variety of hosts that provide a variety of options for blogs. The host will provide the basic template, formatting options for posts, plus any other more options and settings for blogs. As such, selecting a good host and platform that has a variety of options for designing and customizing blogs is the best way to start. A couple of the more recommended hosts are Blogger and WordPress, both of which are very well established.

Two: Select a Suitable Subject

The blog's subject is something that needs to be considered. Selecting a subject that will have a wide appeal will certainly enhance the likelihood of greater traffic. Above all else, select a subject of some interest to yourself.

Three: Update the Blog Regularly

You should aim to update the blog fairly regularly. So aim to update it perhaps once a week. This will keep it fairly fresh and likely enhance traffic.

Four: Format Posts

Most blog hosts have at least a few formatting options for posts. These formatting options can include text formatting such as bold, italic and underline as well as options to add images and video. So you can further enhance the formatting of the posts by adding a few images and text formatting. For example, you can format subheadings with the underline option, as well as bold text.

Five: Comment on Your Blog

It's worth replying to any comments left on a blog. By doing so, the post can be further discussed. Also consider leaving comments on other posts as these comments can link to your own blog.

Six: Add Gadgets

Gadgets are customization tools that can enhance blogs in various ways. For example, gadgets such as link lists, slide-shows, polls, blog counters, search boxes and feeds can all be added to them. As such, it's worth adding at least a few gadgets.

Seven: Link to Your Blog

Where you can link to your blog you should do so. Websites such as Bukisa provide external links where you can add backlinks. If possible, network with other blogs on a similar subject and they may also add backlinks to your blog. Overall, the more links the better as this will enhance traffic.

Eight: Do not Ignore the Spell-Check Option

Before submitting the post, select the spell-check option. The spell-check option is a great proofing tool that will check the article for any inaccurate spellings or typos. Or if you prefer to draft posts in an alternative word processor, then they will also likely have a spelling tool for this. Either way, do not ignore the spell-check option.

Nine: Preview Posts

It's also worth previewing posts beforehand as well. The preview option will provide a preview of exactly how the post will be displayed when added, similar in some respects to a print preview option. In this respect, it's a good way to preview the overall formatting of a post.

Ten: Keep the Blog Archives

Archives are one of the most handy navigation tools that provide shortcut links to previous posts. Many templates automatically include archives, but there are options to remove them. Adding an archive will enhance its navigation and make it quicker to reach older posts.

That's 10 good tips to get started with. Follow these tips to better establish a blog and enhance traffic.


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