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Life is as good as we make it, and when we touch others with our skills and talents, we make it better. So, why hold back? This existence is an individual chance to shine and win from what I can tell and as unique as each snowflake pattern or light particle on a computer screen. That is the simple, yet profound point of this article.

Each person and their contribution

Everyone has something to contribute, if good, great. If evil, an ultimate lesson to teach. Let me explain what I mean: Reality is in itself good, benevolent and realistic, otherwise it could not exist or subsist. After all, if reality was not good, benevolent and realistic, then everything would be a consistent vacuum, wouldn't it? Everything would be a place where nothing good is produced and everything is slavery, right? I say these rhetorical questions not to shock, but to make you think, get your brain, mind and spirit going to lead you to that genuine touch of life I have to contribute to you. I am not giving you my answers either, but I am giving you the questions I started out with.

Let me give you "the good hint" though: I once read this book by Dr. Champion Kurt Teutsch and his wife Joel Marie Noel Teutsch called from here to greater happiness about how to simply and powerfully create happiness through specific and workable steps. If you can find this book, I suggest that you do read it.. For it shows how the "touch of life" works with consciousness and not against it. That is what I call a contribution if you are "lucky" enough to find it.

The key is simpler than we all think, it comes down to a decision really. Without that decision, we end up indecisive and confused wholly. With that decision, we can have anything we are willing to genuinely work for. Another book I suggest is Michael C. "Mike" Hernacki's "The Ultimate Secret To Getting Absolutely Everything You Want". But here is the ultimate "end hint" to this section. You have to be willing to do what needs to be done as well as what wants to be done.

All the best of us have to do is start by thinking

Note the title, all the best of us have to do is start by thinking. Definite, yet flexible action and realistic generating ability come after this. Without the concentrated thought though, nothing can happen and you or anyone can forget about the rest of it.

The worst of us are like powerful ships without helm or rudders, lots of power, but no real direction.

When humanity is at its best, it thinks, it acts right and it generates well.

What do you think Charles F. Haanel said all those years ago in all of his works anyway? The Master Key is thought, action, proper generating ability and nothing else. Without those things, God cannot have created existence, and we are created in the image of God, right?

The "I" of what it all means

I ended with a "controversial" question, but it has a loaded meaning. We are made out of spirit as spirit is made out of matter, it is all one, and it all has consciousness and reality that binds it all together. Indeed, existence is the great "I" right down to the last consciousness that controls it and the first consciousness that controls it.

Realistically speaking, "there is nothing new under the sun, and everything is ever new." The best way to live is with a childlike, yet wise as the universe goodness. Start by thinking about it, end by living like you want to live..


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3rd Dec 2015 (#)

Great article, I love your work as it makes people look at themselves in a much deeper way.

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