Tour the Historical & Haunted Mount Washington Tavern in Farmington, Pennsylvania

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The ghost-infested tavern operated from 1828 to 1855 where regular stagecoach stops delivered the many travelers coming through the area from distant lands to what would be a much needed break from rough terrain. A warm meal and spirits awaited their arrival.

A Nineteenth-Century Beauty Graces the Fort Necessity Battlefield

Located on the scenic National Pike, nestled deep within the forested rolling hills of the summit along historic highway 40, sits the Fort Necessity Battlefield, located in Farmington, Pennsylvania. Nearby the battlefield, visitors are greeted by the lovely site of the haunted brick and stone Mount Washington Tavern. The early nineteenth-century beauty graces the mountain by day, serving as a reminder of the many weary travelers who were once sheltered by her protective walls. At night, the historic building is an active ghost haven that houses the many restless souls that once walked the grounds, worked or lived at the tavern.

There of course remains the possibility that a few of the active souls that keep those who visit on their toes at the historical building stem from the fact that thousands of visitors made much needed stops centuries ago at the popular brick tavern that sat, lit up like a beacon against the black night, welcoming one and all to get warm from the bitter elements. Strangers often cohabited in rooms due to a lack of beds and the sick were tended to by those who were strong enough to take charge. The ghost-infested tavern operated from 1828 to 1855 where regular stagecoach stops delivered the many travelers coming through the area from distant lands to what would be a much needed break from rough terrain. A warm meal and spirits awaited their arrival.

Ghost Sightings, Heavy-Footsteps and Eerie Shouts from Ghost Troops

The lush meadow surrounding the property that the tavern sits housed on today was once owned by George Washington. Naming the establishment was easily decided by the Uniontown Judge Nathaniel Ewing, who quickly set his plans to build into motion, erecting one of the most historical buildings in Fayette County still standing today. The Mount Washington Tavern was sold to the Sampey family and was then sold again, eventually becoming the private residence of Ellis Y. Beggs who closed the tavern down from public use. In later years, Ellis's father, William D. Beggs, died in this house. The tavern is filled with paranormal activity, possibly including the ghosts of former owners. Depending on the day and the park ranger in charge, some believe that the tavern is haunted while others have experienced nothing while on duty.

Most of the spirited activity occurs after the park is closed. Footsteps, unexplained laughing, disembodied voices and streaks of light have been witnessed throughout the tavern. At night the eeriness is amplified and many unsuspecting visitors experience ghost sightings whether they are prepared for it or not. An older gentleman has been caught on camera, standing behind the bar, and while most suspect that it is the previous owner, Mr. Sampey, pictures of the man look nothing like the ghost captured on film by paranormal investigators. When walking around the grounds, visitors claim that they have heard musket shots off in the distance. Soldiers and ghost troops have been heard shouting orders, some in what sounds like French dialect. The rancid smell of gun-powder has been detected by a few visitors of the site and images of men in military attire.

Glowing Orbs, Apparitons, Dark Shadows and a Haunted Baby's Crib

Glowing orbs are an everyday occurence at the tavern and are easily photographed unless your camera decides to malfunction at the exact moment that the orb appears. Dead batteries and frozen recording devices are the biggest complaint when touring the tavern. During one particular tour in 2011 one small orb was photographed in a baby's crib located in the first bedroom in an upstairs room in the tavern. The picture shows an apparition of an infant in a small wooden baby's bed that is housed in the corner of the bedroom on the second-floor. When outdoors, looking up at the room with the bassinet, a small dark image appears in the window, giving the viewer an overwhelming feeling of being summoned to partake in a closer look at what is taking place in the eerie bedroom.

The Ghosts Prepare the Daily Meal & a History Buff Get's Spooked

Downstairs in the kitchen, visitors often describe the area as being permeated by a strong, yet peaceful smell reminiscent of Victorian-style of tavern food; possibly roasted fowl and potatoes that will later be served in the dining area to the hungry supper guests traveling through and stopping for a night's rest.

History buffs, Gary and Rosalie visited the tavern in 1999 after they learned that General Braddock and George Washington fought at the nearby Fort Necessity Battleground during the French and Indian War. The monument of Braddock's Grave, located at Fort Necessity National Battlefield, commemorates the final resting place of British officer Major General Edward Braddock. The bloody battle cost Washington 30 of his soldiers at the opening battle of the French & Indian War. The Pennsylvania war would mark the first major event in the military career of General George Washington, and it was the one and only time that the tough, no-nonsense future first president of the United States surrendered to the enemy.

While visiting the haunted hotspot, Rosalie remained downstairs, heading for the historical room that houses a large wooden bar, a few period tables and chairs and other memorabilia. Rosalie admits that ghosts were the furthermost thing from her mind that day and that nothing seemed amiss, but that quickly changed when she noticed a blurred area behind the bar that slowly materialized into a full-bodied apparition. He appeared as a large, heavy-set, slightly balding, dark-haired spirit. He was adorned with a mustache and dressed in period barkeep clothing. The most shocking element was that this ghost appeared to be as alive as any human being could be. It took Rosalie a long time to digest what she had witnessed, but she now understands that she had met her first ghost at the spirited tavern where the ghosts carry on in what can only be described as residual hauntings.

The National Park Service Invites Visitors to Tour the Grounds

Sometime during the early 1960s, the National Park Service bought the Mount Washington Tavern for the purpose of turning it into a museum by incorporating it into the Fort Necessity battle site. The museum offers exhibits and historical information that shows what life would have been like for the people traveling along the National Road during the early to mid 1800s. The museum is open April 15 through November 1.

Location: 3693 National Pike, Farmington, PA 15437



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4th Mar 2015 (#)

Excellent post! Very informative.

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author avatar Retired
4th Mar 2015 (#)

Not much going on in the area where Farmington is in Pennsylvania. But the ghosts populate the places where traveling folks of old gathered to stay and sleep,

Now it's a museum. The ghosts are probably thinking they got the short shrift!

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author avatar pohtiongho
4th Mar 2015 (#)

Ghosts are just like humans. They can be told to leave, with polite words and civilized manners. They derived energy from the humans. If you show your hatred, they grow stronger!

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4th Mar 2015 (#)

I love these ghost stories, I read all that I can find

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4th Mar 2015 (#)

I'm originally from PA. This is cool

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4th Mar 2015 (#)

Great Ghost haunted house series you got there...I hope you continue this very entertaining piece

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4th Mar 2015 (#)

Sherri, excellent article as always! I love these stories but they so unnerve me. Reading is one thing and visiting is another thing. I think I personally will stick to your stories.

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5th Mar 2015 (#)

I think we are surrounded by ghosts, or that we are surrounding them...Another great article Sherri

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11th Mar 2015 (#)

Great post with a lot of historical tid bits. And a bit of the supernatural to boot. Well done.

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Such fascinating stories. Blessings.

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