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A free Game trading that is making real Money with. Play a game but its making real money? It may be one option to gain dollars from the internet. Having previously popular PTC system, PPC, Google Adsense etc. This game is a simulation of Forex trading activities and Commodities such as Oil, Gold and Copper.

What's a Trade?

Trading itself a profitable activity, but also high risk, for which the game may be suitable for you who fear the high risk. Trading is one of the activities to make money through the internet. Trading is a transfer of ownership of the trade of goods /services to a person or institution to get something in return from the buyer. On the internet itself is usually identical to the trading Gold trading, Forex, Stocks and much more. But trading could also be implemented to changes in the price of a currency against another currency. For example, the price of US Dollar (USD) to Australian Dollar (AUD).
Okay, we just discuss about trading. As the title above Nous (SparkProfit) that is a site that provides a simulation of a trader. So the task is only to analyze whether a market price will go up or down just a few moments later. If our analysis is correct, then we will get the points. Many of the points we get depends on how well we analyze the price movement. If our analysis is wrong, then the points we will be reduced.

What's This Game?

Virtual trading for real profit! Make predictions to build up your score and receive weekly rewards. Earn up to US$100 per month, with no investment and no risk of loss. This game aims to be the world's most rewarding app! It teaches you how to profitably trade on the financial markets, and Pays you CASH rewards when you do it well. This page tells you more about "Nous" (SparkProfit) benefits.
The Calculation points is 1000 points = US$3.33 and Payments are made every week. A minimum of US$30 (about 300 thousand points). And the Payment system to withdrawal by Paypal or Bitcoin. For the future of "Nous" (SparkProfit) admin will add Skrill.
Even more interesting again, every week we will get extra points for 95% of the points the previous week. This week for example we get as many points as 1000 points, then the next week we will get an extra 950 points. It's cool yaa!!

Earning by Predicting Well

Every prediction you make will win or lose points. All of these predictions are summed together in your total scores. At the end of each week if your total score is greater than the weekly threshold, currently set to 20,000 points, you will earn money. The larger your total score is, the more money you earn. It's really that simple.
Then, after prizes are paid, we reduce everyone's total score by the same small percentage. This means that no-one gains or loses relative to each other, but it gives new-comers a chance to catch up by continuing to play well. The weekly pot gets larger if more people do well because we add money for every person who makes the grade that week. We want to encourage more people to join and play well. The Steps of earning:

  • Make predictions
  • Collect points
  • Earn rewards

Getting Started & Invite Anyone

You can make as many predictions as you like, and after reaching a high enough score you will start to earn rewards. It couldn’t be simpler. We even carry points over each week to help you hit your targets.
Register for free, take a two minute tutorial and practice for as long as you like. When you’re ready simply go and make your first prediction. It is want to find and nurture natural talent from around the world. That is why Nous (SparkProfit) gradually introduces all the skills and knowledge you need to be successful.
And then there are some important things that you have to do is: Register/Sign Up as usual, and then verify personal E-Mail address and Mobile Phone Number. Absolutely, before start to playing this game, please read the tutorials on the web for immediate explanation, then if there is a need to ask just fill in the comments.

No Limit to Invite

If you invite anyone to join the app (app can be in the PC, android and iTunes) and they predict well, they will earn money. In fact it's exactly those kinds of talented people they want - so they will give you 10% of their first years' incomes as a bonus. They don't lose anything but you can gain a lot. And there is no limit to the number of people you can invite. To invite someone, just have them click on your personal "Supporter Link" before they join. You can share it anyway you want such us: Social media or something like. You can find your "Supporter Link" in the application itself, in the Social tab.
This trade game is a fun way to earn some extra income, and learn how to trade at the same time. And it's completely free, both to join and play!
Here following a video that is quickly to explains the basics of how to sign up and what you need to do to earn money. Go and get your share of the profits now!

Thank you very much for your stopping here to read this page. I wish "GOOD LUCK" and have great days ahead in this NEW YEAR 2015. :)

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