Traditional Games Still Played Today

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In a world where technology rules, there are still some good old-fashioned, traditional games played by children and this is a summary of these.

Standing the Test of Time

There have been many advances in technology that have led to children and young people spending more and more time entertaining themselves with electronic equipment, such as games consoles, televisions and computers. In spite of these technological advances, there are still many old-fashioned games that are still played by children today. It seems that some activities can stand the test of time and still hold the same thrill to children today as they always have. Here are some of the old-fashioned, traditional games that children still play today.


Who needs expensive and complicated technological gadgets when simple pleasures can be found from nature? For centuries, children have fastened a conker to a piece of string and held contests with them. There are many different variations of the game and different versions of the rules. However, the winner is usually the child who still has their conker intact at the end of the contest. Unfortunately, many schools in the UK have now forbidden this game for fear of a child being damaged during the swing of conker.


Another old-fashioned and traditional game that children play that also has many variations is hopscotch. This is so simple that children can mark their own hopscotch in their own yard using chalk. Many schools still have a hopscotch in the yard that keep children entertained during their unstructured time in school.


What could be a simpler item for entertainment than a piece of rope? For many generations, children have whiled away their school playtime with a skipping rope. Not only can these be used to entertain oneself alone, they can be used as a group activity, as part of a routine and even for competitive purposes.

Board Games

One of the most traditional pastimes for families has always been the board game and this is a practice that has continued in the modern day. Although there have been many new entries onto the catalog of board games, some of the traditional board games, such as snakes and ladders, droughts, chess and Monopoly, are still played.


The concept of marbles is astonishingly simple and they are a cheap toy for children to obtain, especially in comparison to many of the modern contraptions that children have today. The options for different play are numerous meaning that a simple bag of glass marbles can hold hours of fun and delight for children of all ages.


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