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Dogs have their own set of behavioral problems. Lack of proper training methods may badly affect your dog’s behavior and turn your beloved pet into a disobedient, aggressive or unruly dog. As a dog owner you should be aware of these problems and train your dog accordingly.But good training demands understanding your dog and decoding the pooch-signals.

Understand Your Dog

Unlike people of the 18th century, dog owners of today never treat their pets as working mates but consider them as one of their family members. Now it is a beautiful relationship of trust, affection and commitment. But understanding your dog is very important. Your dog might be trying to express himself, to tell you something by his annoying and sometimes confusing behaviour. The earlier you take notice of your pet’s behavioural anomalies, the better. If your dog or puppy is driving you crazy with its excessive barking, whining or chewing, or if your dog is not responding to your call , you need an immediate remedy. You should understand your dog’s body language, should know the dynamics of coding and decoding pooch-signals. And you can easily turn your unruly and disobedient dog into a loving friendly companion. Here are the commonest do’s and dont’s.

Do's and Don'ts

1.Do not keep your pet dog chained unnecessarily when at home. Tying dogs all the time makes them become aggressive and irritable; this can cause physical and behavioral problems. Remember, dogs love to roam around in open spaces; do not keep them limited to one corner.

2. Consult your vet and ensure there is no medical problem, if your dog makes excessive whining. Sometimes whining can simply be a cry for attention. If lack of attention is the problem, do not attend him when he is whining. But ensure that you shower him with ample attention when he is not whining.

3. Stop feeding your dog out of your plate.The more you do that, the more you reinforce the bad habit. Feed him the protein-rich dog food at fixed times only.

4. Pull on the leash and make sure your dog walks with you, close to your heel. It is you who should always be the first one out the door and not your dog. Pull him back gently when he tries to get ahead of you while walking. Remember it is you who is taking the dog for a walk and not the other way round.

5. Pay proper attention to the habit of your dog of exploring the world through his mouth by chewing everything under the sun, even he is grown-up. This signals lack of exercises and dog’s attempt to vent out the unleashed energy. Set up new exercise regimen and give him something like rawhide bone for his chewing.

6. Don’t allow your dog to ‘dig’. If left unchecked, digging can ruin your garden or the park where you take him for a walk. Catch your dog while he is digging and say a firm ‘NO’. That should be enough for your dog. Since the behaviour pattern comes from within, comes from a natural instinct, punishment will not help.

7. Pamper your pet very often by shampooing. Giving your dog a bath, playing with him, and showering him with tenderness and attention will go a long way in fostering a bond between you and your dog.

8. Never hit, yell, or hurt your dog physically. Hitting or yelling will make your dog scared of you, and he may run away from you. He may ignore you and may not respond to your call. In such cases, make your dog feel secure and loved through your actions. Make sure you feed the dog on time and serve his favorite food items to keep him happy and in good health. Spend enough time with your dog to ensure he does not feel ignored. Dogs understand the relationship dynamics very well. Pat him gently to make him feel happy, cared for and wanted. Praise him very often in a soft tone. Dogs like unconditional love, care, and attention just like people.


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