Transforming Leftovers

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This article looks at some simple and easy ways to reuse leftover food items.

Transforming Leftovers

A common concern in the kitchen is leftover food items. Despite planning our meals we are often faced with the problem of leftovers. Most of us are experts at putting the remains of a meal into a sandwich. However there are many innovative ways to make good use of leftovers. With a little imagination we can take leftovers to the next level.

Boiled Pasta:
1.Add them to stews, soups or salads.
2.Stick it in the oven with ground beef, pork or minced chicken.
3.Combine Pasta with vegetables for a delicious and filling stir-fry.
Leftover Rice
1. The easiest thing to do with rice is to make fried rice. Add some vegetables or meat to make a one-dish meal. You can also add it to soups and even a salad.

2.Combine a cup of cooked rice with two tablespoons of cornstarch, an egg and onion to make rice fritters.

Stale Bread
1.While using bread make sure that it is free of mold and still has a pleasant aroma. Make croutons by simply cutting it into small cubes, and then fry them in olive oil or any other oil of your choice.
2.Put the bread into a food processor and make breadcrumbs. You can use these to make a wide variety of crispy fried or baked items. Crumbs are also an important ingredient in cold soups like Gazpacho.
3.You can also make Bruschetta or a yummy Bread pudding.
4.Serve up croutons as a tasty snack with a topping of creamy scrambled eggs and ketchup. Alternately you can use bits of ham and sausage.
Cooked meat:
1.Leftover red meat can be added to a stir-fry or in a casserole for a rich flavor.

2.Chicken or turkey and even certain processed meat like Salami and Ham can be used to make excellent hearty soups.
3.The bones from lamb, or chicken make good stock, which can be added to a variety of dishes.
1.Make fish tacos or better still fish Kebabs. Simply mash the fish after removing bones, season with spices and grill.
2.Make a sandwich spread by running it through the blender. Use it as a dip with raw vegetables.
3.Put it on spring rolls along with other finely chopped vegetables.
4.Make a soup with your favorite vegetables. Add some coconut milk for extra flavor and creaminess.
Leftover egg yolks and whites:
1. Make an omelette or scrambled eggs.
2.Whisk yolks into a soup as a thickening agent.
3.You can make a variety of desserts with yolks. Use them in a Crème Brulee, certain pies or a simple cake.
4.Make sauces. Hollandaise, Carbonara and Alfredo need yolks.
5.Make some wonderful fried chicken by dipping the pieces into beaten yolk.
6.Use egg whites to make frothy meringue toppings.
7.Make a delicate soufflé.
8.You can make good use of the whites in a classic white cake with a soft and fluffy texture.
Cooked vegetables:
1.Make a spicy stir-fry.
2.Put them in a soup.
3.Puree them and create a nutritious base for a number of dishes.
4.Sneak it into a meatloaf or a meaty pasta sauce.
5.Make a vegetable pie.
6.Vegetables like potatoes give extra substance to dishes. While beets and carrots will add a dash of color.
1.Leftover scraps of cheese can be grated finely on soups or used to top croutes.
2.Serve small pieces on toothpicks with fruit to accompany wine.
3.Use it on Pizza or Pasta dishes.
4.Cheese can also be used to add flavor to fried snacks and fritters.
1.Stir the gravy into a soup or stew.
2.The gravy can help keep Chicken moist while baking.
3.Make a rich casserole with your choice of meat and vegetables.

These are some simple and easy ways to use up those pesky leftovers. A little imagination goes a long way. Instead of throwing what’s left of your previous meal, you can breathe new life into it and create some healthy treats.


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