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This article explains proper tree cutting along with a few things that can and do go wrong. It has a surprise ending with a special blessing from my new friend at church!


The first tree was cut two years ago but it is still hung up on the upper branches of the trees next to it. My son made the first cut and realized that the tree was not coming down. Then the next year my husband made the second cut and the tree came down a little vertically but not horizontally! AS you see in the picture it is still hung up on the branches of the trees next to it. After all the storms we have had over two years, the bottom portion of the trunk of this tree is still sitting on the ground without it roots! You can see the trunk or stump of the tree to the right of the hanging tree!


Next is the tree that my poor exhausted husband after 4 hours tried to cut down last week. This tree also refused to fall but it is not hanging up on any branches, it just refused to fall possibly because it had already been leaning in the wrong direction and decided to eat the chain saw blade. This one is a bit of a mystery to me or maybe not!


This is the diagram for proper tree cutting! My husband followed this diagram of the correct way to cut a tree down by first cutting a notch shaped like a V on its side. This notch is to be cut on the side that one wants to tree to fall. After this is done the wood from the notch is taken out or falls out! Although we do have trouble with gravity in our yard! The next step is to stand behind the tree and make a straight cut so that the tree will fall towards the notched side.
When this procedure does not work, you might be missing a few things! Before you even get your chain saw out, LOOK AT THE TREE!! If it is too close to other trees and it appears to you that the branches are interlocking with the trees next to it….this tree may not be a good candidate for cutting.
Next if the tree is leaning in a direction that is not desirable….like towards the neighbor’s barn, then you might want to ask a professional. If the said tree is leaning in one direction and you make the NOTCH in opposite direction of which it is leaning, it still might not fall. It will instead reach a state of equilibrium and stand in place! In fact it might just take your chain with it.
You see, what happened was!! My husband was so excited about the tree that he picked out to cut down last week that he wanted to surprise me, so I stayed out of it. I don’t want to become a nag!!! Still have not been married long enough for that nag business to KICK in yet!! LAST YEAR we went over all the DO AND DON’TS OF TREE CUTTING anyway! Therefore, I figured it was perfectly safe to let hubby go tree hunting by himself.
Yes! He is that much in love!! If we can’t laugh at ourselves then whom else can we laugh at? My husband read this article and is laughing too! In fact he gave me the idea to write this after we both had a good laugh and thanked God that he did not get hurt.


This is a picture of tree number two after my husband did a little more cutting! It fell, but, is leaning on another tree! A few days after this disaster, I told my husband just to wait until my boys come out and help. They are scheduled to come out on my Birthday weekend. By the way, at the present time our chain saw is in the shop.


My husband and I were not planning on attending the pot luck luncheon after church services today because we wanted to price new chain saws. However, we just felt led to go ahead and attend anyway. To my surprise one of my fellow Bible Study classmates sat across from my husband and me. We talked a little about our tree cutting dilemma and she told me that she just so happens to have some trees that have already been cut into 18” pieces that she cannot use. Wow! What an answer to prayer! This gives me the goose bumps! We will be picking up enough wood on my husband’s next day off to last us until my boys come out to cut down dead trees on my Birthday weekend.


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author avatar Denise O
23rd Oct 2011 (#)

Hon, to move your husband to the right direction he needs to be, is not nagging. It is just the starting stages of training them. LOL
I have had my husband in training for 23 years and one day, I will have accomplished this feat. As they say, God works in mysterious ways. I am so glad y'all were blessed with what you needed. Very nice read, it even made me chuckle. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Judy Ellen
23rd Oct 2011 (#)

Thank you Denise O. You sound like a fun person!

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author avatar Judy Ellen
24th Oct 2011 (#)

Are we aloud to advertise on someones comment page?

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author avatar vpaulose
26th Oct 2011 (#)

Thanks for tree-cutting article. I want to write a lot on Christian topics. Would you please guide me with some ideas? Please also introduce me to some Christian writers.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
9th Apr 2012 (#)

We can learn great lessons only if we're inclined to think good, and you've narrated it well with a wonderful conclusion in this tree-cutting episode.

Beautiful thoughts!

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