Trees That Attract Birds

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If you love birds and want to attract them to your yard or garden, then you should try to plant the trees that they are attracted to.

Trees That Attract Birds

Trees That Attract Birds

Bushes and trees that attract the most birds are:

The Bald Cypress Tree

The Bald Cypress Tree is Louisiana’s state tree. It is a large tree with bark that is sometimes gray to reddish brown. The tree is very well known to the warmer regions of the south. The tree grows along the riversides and the swamp. It is quite a beautiful tree in the fall.

The Bald Cypress is known to lose it’s leaves in the wintertime. That is how the tree got it’s name “bald.” The Bald Cypress can be found in Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and also along the Ohio River to Illinois and Indiana. Spanish Moss loves these trees in which you will find plenty hanging from the branches of the Bald Cypress. Here in Louisiana, the trees are known to withstand high winds. Hurricane force winds rarely knock them over.

The Bald Cypress is a very beautiful tree and is sometimes grown for ornamental purposes. The tree has light, feathery leaves and in the fall turns a bright color of orange-brown. The wood of this tree is highly valued. The Bald Cypress is water resistant and does not decay or water rot. The tree’s wood is mainly used for wood carvings and decorative wall panels. This tree became the official state tree of Louisiana in the year of 1963.

The Bald Cypress is a symbol and represents the southern swampland. Many artists and photographers are drawn to the beauty of this tree. Because the tree is resistant to water rot, the wood of the Bald Cypress is often referred to as “wood eternal.” Still there are times when the wood from a Bald Cypress is found and the age goes back to prehistoric times. Termites does not hurt the tree, it is a very strong tree. Because the tree is water resistant, it also does not decay.

The Bald Cypress can reach height of growing to about 130 feet. These trees are an excellent source of shade. Flowering of the tree usually appears in March and April. It is a valuable habitat for wildlife. Birds love to hide in the branches of the Bald Cypress. The Bald Cypress can live up to 600 years. There are different species of Cypress trees, but the Bald Cypress really stands out among them all. At nighttime with the Spanish Moss whipping in the wind and hanging from the Bald Cypress it presents a spooky picture. A variety of birds love the Bald Cypress and that is where many of them make their homes and nests for their young. They use the trees for hiding and to catch their prey.


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