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For most of the ‘being positive’ subscribers, there is nothing bad, all must be treated equally and loved by all others, etc. Such words appear good but are far from reality even in the conduct of the most ardent subscribers of ‘being positive’ phrase.

Misconceptions about Being Positive

The phrase ‘Being Positive’ has caught the human mind like that of a frenzy, with people using it frequently to thwart discussions on realities of life where good and bad things coexist. For most of the ‘being positive’ subscribers, there is nothing bad, all must be treated equally and loved by all others, etc. Such words appear good but are far from reality even in the conduct of the most ardent subscribers of ‘being positive’ phrase.
Another popular concept about ‘being positive’ is to mean being optimistic with a notion of nothing being impossible to achieve for a person, ignoring the reality of life that each one of has intrinsic and extrinsic limitations, making many things impossible to be achieved by the person. Therefore, being optimistic about everything is not going to help anybody, and ,in fact, is not meant by ‘being positive’.
Now, with the above two propositions about ‘being positive’ proved wrong, let us see what the phrase really mean in its essence.

The Ultimate Objective

The ultimate objective of each person is happiness whether he/she achieves it or not, whether he/she treads a right path for achieving it or not, the objective remains intact in its place, the mind of the person. Even definition of happiness may vary from person to person, but with whatever definition, every one of us wants happiness.
In-spite of this universal wish, the happiness remains un-achievable for most of the persons on earth. It is for their wrong orientations of mind about life. As a result, a great majority of humanity feels miserable and to obviate one’s miseries, every person keep on running from pillar to post in search of the happiness.

Natural and Social Circumstances

Life of an individual is governed by his/her natural and social circumstance to a great extent. Natural circumstances are governed by natural principles beyond control of humanity, and social circumstances of a person are governed by his/her society not only of present time but also of some past generations. Thus, these too remain out of control of the individual. However, the person may contribute his/her might to change the social circumstances but these changes are slow to work and may be effective at a much later stage, or even for future generations.
This understanding of the circumstances leaves no option to the person except accepting supremacy of circumstances in his/her life, and to find ways to compromise with these and make the best use of these towards his/her happiness. This is the true meaning of ‘being positive’.

The Contentment

When a person has synergy with his/her circumstances, his feeling of being out of place vanishes. Feeling at home with the circumstances makes the person to perform better and find contentment from his/her efforts rather than the results. The feeling of contentment is the key to happiness.
Contentment is more important than satisfaction from something, the former being intrinsic while the latter is extrinsic. Second difference between the two feelings is that contentment covers over-all living of the person while satisfaction is limited to a particular instance.

Essence of Being Positive

Thus, ‘Being Positive’ means seeking happiness in the available things although all these may not be to the person’s liking. But, if seen minutely and with a positive outlook, many but a few things are found to be oriented towards providing enough reasons to be happy with.
Nobody can afford to keep on fighting with everything he/she feels bad about, particularly those which are beyond his/her control and are affecting the vast humanity. Natural and social circumstances fall in this category, and every person is required to have synergy with his/her own circumstances for finding happiness in life – the ultimate objective of each of us.
In essence, being positive of having positive thinking is staying positive in even adverse circumstances to move ahead through those.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
18th Jun 2015 (#)

Ram Bansal, I hope that everyone gets a chance to read this article. I think being positive is very powerful. There are many reasons I feel this way and I always try to live with an upbeat approach to life.

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author avatar Ram Bansal
18th Jun 2015 (#)

@Nancy, Glad to meet a like-minded person..

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
18th Jun 2015 (#)

Ram Bansal, It's nice to meet you too!

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author avatar brendamarie
18th Jun 2015 (#)

Being positive is good but we can not all be positive all of the time. We are here to help one another as much as we can and try to stay positive as much as we can. That is my belief.

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author avatar Ram Bansal
19th Jun 2015 (#)

@brendamarie, Being positive is not being good, but enhancing happiness on the Earth. This makes you positive if you help others.

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author avatar Madan g singh
21st Jun 2015 (#)

Well written and interesting share

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