Trying till the End

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This page is all about the never giving up attitude. The page tries to bring about a never giving attitude in the mind of the readers. The page shows the readers why one should never give up.

Never give up

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in almost every work that they do while some others fail? Why that is some friend of yours succeeds in doing a task which you failed to do? Well the answer to that question is that the people who are successful never stop trying. They never give up to the situation. They keep on trying and at last they achieve success.
As a human being we should never give up to the situation. We should always remember that no problem is tough unless we stop trying. If we fail to do a particular task then we should try again and again till we succeed in it. Trying again and again is one of the important things that winners have and losers don’t. Have you ever seen a moving ant? If you a place an object in front of him then it moves in the other way. If you again place an object in its way then it again moves in another way but it never stops moving i.e. it never gives up. If a tiny creature such as an ant never stops trying then why should we being the most advanced being stop trying?
We all want our names to be remembered even when we are gone but only few of us succeed in doing so and that is because they never stop trying. Life is like a game in which you win only if you try. If you stop trying then you stop winning and if you stop winning then even your name will disappear in the dark clouds of history.
Who invented the light bulb? Well of course you know its Thomas Alva Edison but did you know that Edison invented the light bulb after failing nine hundred ninety nine times. Just imagine if Edison had stop trying then no one would have remembered him today. If our great freedom fighters had given up then we would not have got independence. So at last one should never give up and keep on trying and certainly he will achieve success and his name will be written in golden words in the history books.


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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
1st Jun 2014 (#)

Thought provoking read.Thanks for the share.

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author avatar Ankit Mahapatra
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

Thank you randhir..........

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
3rd Jun 2014 (#)

Sometimes you need to keep trying. Other times you need to sit back, evaluate what went wrong, and try a new direction. You may be a terrible baker but a great griller. Find your passion, and it's hard to go wrong!

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author avatar Ankit Mahapatra
6th Nov 2014 (#)

truly said Phyl

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author avatar peachpurple
7th Jun 2014 (#)

keep trying

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