Tutorial The Art of Google (The Secret Behind Google)

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Google as we know it is only a search engine that helps to find information. When input words into the search engine, then Google will search for all pages that have the word. Results shown are very diverse.

Tutorial The Art of Google (The Secret Behind Google)

So with regular search results displayed so diverse. The following is the art of googling to the search result on google for a nice accurate and precise.

1. using quotation marks "keyword"
Quotes can be used for specific searches, meaning that Google will search for words contained in quotation marks in order to decrease the search errors.
ex: "art of google"

2. File search by File Type
Google is not only able to search for words in a web page / website only, google also has the ability to search the contents of a file. For example, searching for PDF files (eBooks) having said anything, do I just use the operator filetype:. "Filetype: PDF any". Because the syntax is very sensitive, it must pay attention to every letter we type, this applies to all carriers. Google will search for an existing PDF file any word.
For information, Google can find 13 types of documents, namely: Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Adobe PostScript (ps) Lotus 1-2-3 (wk1, wk2, wk3, wk4, wk5, wki, wks, wku) Lotus Wordpro (lwp) MacWrite (mw) Microsoft Excel (xls) Microsoft Word (doc) Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt) Microsoft Works (wks, wps, wdb) Microsoft Write (wri) Rich Text Format (rtf) Shockwave (swf) Text (txt) , and others.
ex: marketing filetype:PDF

3. Finding Part of URL
In general, we are looking for based on the contents of an HTML page, but the actual search process can be highly variable at all, we can search the URLs that we can not know in a certain way. For example I want to find a URL that has the word forum, this search can be done by using the syntax inurl and allinurl same function that is looking for a URL, the difference is inurl can be combined with other operators while allinurl can not be combined with other operators. For example, enter the word inurl: forum admin then the search results are sites that have a word in the URL and Forum Admin on content pages.

Unlike when we enter allinurl: admin forum in which this command will display all the websites that have the word admin and forum on the URL. Just like the filetype operator, after inurl or allinurl said you should not use spaces.

4. Search by Title
Intitle and allintitle operator is a special operator that is used to look up the word in the title of a site. For example I want to find a website with title Free eBook, then input operator intitle:Free eBook

Well operators intitle and allintitle working title used to find a site. For the operator allintitle please you try it yourself and clay difference.

5. Looking Site
This operator serves to search for specific words in the site / website. For example I want to search the Internet on Triond.com site, then the syntax that I input is a site:Triond.com Internet. operator is the same as looking for something on the website that you visit.

6. Looking for Link
This operator serves to look for sites that have any particular link, for example I would look for sites that contain any links to it Triond.com the input syntax link:Triond.com.

operators can combine the above in order to maximize the search, do not be afraid to combine these operators.


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