Twenty Six Monsters A-Z Part 2

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A list of 26 monsters with brief descriptions this is part 2 E- K

E - Ettin

Ettin are a mutated form of giant born with two head these beasts are considerably more visious then regular giants. Thye are solitary , preferring to live in mountainsides or secluded forests. They tend to be quite mad having only its self to talk to litteraly. Both heads have a distinct personality and intelligence. Well both head can be quite stupid in rare ocasions one can be quit4e smart even bordering on genious levels.

F - Fey

The race of fey in general are sprits born from nature itself, but beyond that they vary wildly. From the ever gentle nature fairy to the flash hungry Red Cap. Some have wings some don’t others are small as your finger well there are some that can easily pass for human. The leaders of the fey people are spits that have existed since the beginning of time representing the most potent forces of nature.

G - Goblin

Goblin’s are rumored to be the basterd offspring of gnomes and fairies. It is generally believed they originated from a form of fey that was corrupted by the onset of humanity. Goblins are fiercely territorial and breed like wildfire. Goblins are vary suppositious and primitive and this leads to them being easily controlled by a few simple tricks or by outright mussel. Goblins are a semi tribal society based around a shamanistic leader.

H - Hydra

Another monster with its roots in Greek myth, Hydra are multi headed serpents. Well not all hydra generate multiple heads upon them being chopped off they do regenerate frightingly fast and can grow a new head in a matter of hours. They can have anywhere form 3 to 18 heads of various sizes the older the head the bigger it will be until its of appropriate size for the monsters body. They can breath fire or spit acid, even breathing a toxic miasma. They live in swampier climates or in cool desert locals and underground caves. Well some have snake like body’s other have large legs that end I claws capable of griping or tearing threw most terrain.

I - Igor

Well this is the name of the typical mad scientists assistant. Some believe that they or it is a monster who infiltrates human society to cause people of scientific no how to construct. And build creatures of power and fear that can sow the seeds of unrest among the local populace not much is known beyond this.

J - Jabberwocky

Originally featured in a poem by Lewis Carroll the jabberwocky and its meaning is pure nonsense and has no truth or basis in fact but from this was born the creature into the dreamscape a monster of nonsense one no man can slay or defeat. However there is only one so it cant be that dangerous right?

K - Kobold

A burrowing reptilian race believed to be a cross between desert lizards and rats. These little monsters well only a few inches tall are highly intelligent. Living in small communities underground they burrow crating numerous tunnels and filling them with all manner of traps and poisonous fungus as a for a defense. Tribal and remorseful the kobold will steal and eat what it need to survive. In small numbers they are no more then a nascence but in large group a pack of kobolds can strip village to its bear bones in a matter of hours.



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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
19th Mar 2011 (#)

A great guide. Did you know if you go to wikimedia commons you can get pictures to use - I would add one picture to your page and use it as a preview image.

(you can only use 1 picture per section)

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author avatar Denise O
20th Mar 2011 (#)

You still have me hooked. What fun. Thank you for sharing.:)

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