Twenty Six Monsters A-Z Part 3

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Part 3 of Twenty Six Monsters A-Z this is section L - Q

L- Lich

The darkest part of the human soul fears death the unknown and the crumbling of ones works. The lich is the embodiment of that fear. Sorcerers of long ago that feared that once they were gone they would be forgotten or all they worked for would go to waste. So they preformed a dark and lost Ritual to tear there vary should from there body and seal it in a place were it can never escape or pass on. This has the effect of providing them with an undying body that never sleeps, ages, eats, or grows sick so that they can continue on with there works. Only later do they discover the body dose continue to rot and rot away it dose.

The lich’s soul is sealed in a item called a phylactery. it can look like almost anything but is rarely to large for one man to carry the object is general one the lich held dear in life. If this item is destroyed the lich can no longer exist. Lich’s are highly protective of their phylactery and tend to hide them or keep them near by trapped and well hidden. if a lich’s physical form is destroyed it will slowly regenerate from the phylactery and in a matter oft time the lich will be back.

M- Manticore

Having a body similar to a lion large wings and a tail tipped with iron spikes the Manticore is truly frightening to behold. They delight in killing intelligent pray playing with there food like a house cat before eating it. Manticores are somewhat intelligent varying from one to the next. They are just beasts and can be killed like any other animal if your quick and fast enough. Manticore tend to prefer high places to strike from raining spikes down on their pray to causing confusion and then going in for a little fun.

N- Naga

Having snakelike features and human features in a bizarre mix the naga is a misunderstood monster. Naga will some times only have the face of a human other times they will have the upper torso of one but the lower body on all naga is always that of a snake. Naga were crated to be guardians of knowledge not having it them self’s but protecting the places it is hidden. Naga can some time breath fire but this is rare. All naga have poisonous fangs but the lethality of the dosage varies.

O- Orc's

Believed to be the result of goblin and human mating the orc has long since out grown its ancient roots. They are tribal and territorial some are intelligent well others like the brains to beat out. Orcs a war like and tend to be vary aggressive. But they are fiercely loyal and tend to be quite honorable.

P- Parasite's

Coming in a number of varieties these creature only goal is to alter the host body to better suit there needs. Some do this by burrowing threw the flash and organs to feat on them or lay eggs in them well other try to get to the brain to gain control over the host. Their goals are unknown but there actions are clear to cause harm to host and carry out their purpose.

Q- ?

Sadly i couldnt find one monster that begain with Q. I thought evil queens but no they dont rilly count.



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