Twenty Six monsters A-Z part1

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A list of monsters 26 in alphabetical order, part 1 A-D.

A - Abomination

Abomination’s are monster born from the dark parts of humanity formed or our fears and nightmares. They can spawn out of the places or be culminations of things we fear and or loath. They can also come to be when a person dose so much evil in their life or is filled with so much hate that even though they have passed on their left behind corpse or hatred forms a being of dark intent who continues to perform the actions of the evil one as if he was never gone.

B- Basilisk

Believed to be a reptile of ancient origination. Some clime them to look like snakes other say a lizard but in truth only their victims know for sure. The basilisk paralyzes its target with its gaze. Some clime it to turn the victim to stone others say just a short term paralysis. Once the victim is paralyzed the basilisk can devour them at its leisure.
Some clame that basilisks have venom that can kill almost instantaneously others say they can decertify their victims at will to enjoy tasty bits at choice times. Most believe if you can avoid direct eye contact with one you can stave off the effects of the paralysis.

C- Chimera

Chimera is from Greek mythos and traditionally a mix of lion, goat, serpent and dragon, into one creature. Combining the best attributes of all with none of their weaknesses. Adding power and strength were it is needed. But not all Chimera are this way some are a mix of only two animals other many more to form strange and new beasts, or animal human hybrids. Chimers are formed threw alchemy and not natural design.

D- Doppelganger

Doppelganger laterally meaning to copy. This monster steals your appearance and becomes you threw looks and actions. Weather they must kill you and eat you to do this or they can do just by watching you for a time is debated. What they truly look like is also debated as they change form regularly to stay hidden. The goals of this monster vary from one to the next but they can be difficult to root out as they are skilled actors and their natural abilities can add their skill.


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You have me interested. I can't wait for more. Thank you for sharing.:)

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