Two Tips to Begin Restoring a Healthy Self-esteem

Donald Pennington By Donald Pennington, 26th Mar 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Far too many of us humans have been convinced we don't deserve good things or do deserve to hurt and/or neglect ourselves. This is due to centuries-old pervasive programming by those in control of society who find us easier to control if our self-esteems can be hampered.

It's time to begin freeing yourself right now. Here are two tips to help.

Method number one: Use simple affirmations during meditation.

If you're experienced at all with meditating on a daily basis, good. Simply incorporate this method into your daily routine. But, if you're completely new to meditation, I've already approached the topic here.

Affirmations are merely repeated phrases, used to replace previously-placed conditioning with positive, empowering messages to yourself. Most people view themselves negatively or even view themselves as unworthy of good things.

In some religious belief systems, adherents are even taught to “deny themselves.” This sort of conditioning leads people to see themselves as inherently evil – a ridiculous thought, in and of itself.

During your daily meditations, replace your usual negative thinking by affirming any phrase such as, “I love myself. I accept myself. I want and deserve the good things in life which come my way.” Usually, repeating this type of phrase 7 or 8 times per meditation session daily, will begin to produce results of a positive self-esteem.

Method number two: Begin listing your accomplishments insteads of your faults.

Perhaps you're not comfortable with regular meditation yet. While you might be some day, it's still important to at least begin recognizing your good points at least as much as you recognize your faults.

So, do so and do it on purpose.

How? It's simple. Take a piece of paper and write out by hand, as many accomplishments as you can. Be meticulously fair to yourself! Even if you failed at any attempted endeavor in life, count the attempt as an accomplishment on your list. Now is not the time to be self-critical. This is a habit from your past thought patterns.

List every good thing about your accomplishments coming to mind. Place it all in writing. It's been your old habits of overlooking the good things about you and self-criticism which has lead you to the current state of a low self-esteem. Turn your thinking in the opposite direction – as in a direct “about face.”

Let me add, I also feel it is important to write these things out by hand. Typing on a keyboard only requires about 80 muscular movements, where handwriting requires upwards of 10,000. This means more neuro-muscular connections and pathways, which means more thought capacity for you. These new connections, coupled with newly-positive thoughts about yourself, will prove to be beneficial to a healthy, budding self-esteem.

And from here on out:

From now on, in addition to either the mantra, the listing of your good points or both, it helps tremendously to make decisions which you will not regret in the future. Self-destructive behavior can be controlled. But it requires decisions on your part, from here on out – especially when nobody else is watching you.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
27th Mar 2014 (#)

Excellent advice here Donald. Thank you.

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author avatar Donald Pennington
27th Mar 2014 (#)

Oh no no no, Steve Kinsman. Thank YOU. All of you.

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author avatar Meg
28th Nov 2014 (#)

Excellent advice and really well put across. Meditation is not something I do but I have used affirmations. Never thought about listing accomplishments before (I have too many! LOL).

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