UFO - The Age of Flying Saucers

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A chance phrase made up by a reporter and a legend was created. The flying saucer was launched.

The Begining

In 1947 public attention was first drawn to the suggestion of UFO's by a man named Kenneth Arnold. He was a trained pilot and therefore a very reliable witness and he reported seeing nine silvery saucers flying at speed over the Cascade Range in Washington. His experience remains the prototypical UFO sighting and continues to defy explanation.

We Are Not Alone

The Kenneth Arnold sighting opened the floodgates and hundreds of similar reports came in. All of a sudden humankind was not alone in the Universe. A growing portion of the planets population began to believe we were being constantly visited by crafts from another planet.

On January 22, 1948, Project Sign was set up operating under the auspices of the Intelligence Division of the U.S. In February 1949 the name was changed to Project Grudge and then in March 1952 to Project Blue Book. The project finally ended in December 1969.

Given that people perceived the saucers as very advanced technology the next logical step was to believe that there were advanced alien beings inside these crafts controlling them. Soon many tales appeared of contact with these beings. One of the first people to claim contact with an alien being was a polish immigrant to The US called George Adamski. In 1953 he wrote about his experience in meeting with an alien named 'Orthon' from Venus in a story titled Flying Saucers Have Landed. The book became an instant bestseller.

The Growing Phenomenon

In the summer of 1947, 850 UFO sightings were reported by authorities. By the 1950's UFO's were patently a global phenomenon. On October the 27th 1952, in the town of Giallac in France, 100 witnesses reported a cigar shaped UFO. This was similar to a report made ten days earlier 130 miles away from Giallac.

During the next two decades significant UFO reports would come not only from Europe, but from countries all over the world, including South America, China and Australia.

The Effects on Humans

Some accounts of UFO encounters claim to have had a strange effect on human observers. At 4:00a.m. on the morning of November 2, 1968, a French physician known to the public as 'Dr. X', stepped out of his country villa to investigate a series of lightning like flashes. According to the doctor two identical discs were hovering in the sky, each were 200 feet wide and 50 feet thick. Each one had a tall antenna on top. There were reports of sparks flying between each disc and a beam of white light hit the grounds below. The doctor claimed he was directly hit by a beam of light and heard a large 'bang'. The discs disappeared instantly. Two and a half weeks later the same doctor claimed he discovered a triangle shaped patch of burnt skin on his navel. The triangle shaped burn was said to appear and disappear annually and photos were taken to prove this point.

Miracle Cures

Dr. X claimed miraculous healings after the encounter with the UFO. Ten years earlier he was wounded by a wartime mine and three days before the incident he said he had cut his arm while chopping wood. Both of these injuries had began to heal without further treatment after he was hit with the light from the UFO.

Abduction reports started to appear and the most famous of these were the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill. The Hills were badly shaken by the sight of a UFO while driving in the mountains of New Hampshire and claimed to have 'lost time' or had 'missing time'. There was two and a half hours were lost. Under hypnotic regression, Betty recapped a story of abduction by beings and having a uncomfortable physical examination which involved skin grafts from her navel.


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I am good in reading this but can't find a reason to believe its UFO abductions. We may never know!

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