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Science has developed in the recent past and has brought a great change in our living.Like every area has got its pros and cons with it, the development in science has got both positive and negative impact on people.Such a technology in the present day development is the Escalator.

Development in Science and in living of people

Invention of wheel: As we all know, one of the earliest inventions of the early man was the WHEEL.The development of the wheel brought a great change in the life and living of the man.
Early wheels were simple wooden disks with a hole for the axle. Because of the structure of wood, a horizontal slice of a tree trunk is not suitable, as it does not have the structural strength to support relevant stresses without failing; rounded pieces of longitudinal boards are required.The spokes wheel was invented more recently, and allowed the construction of lighter and swifter vehicles.

Transport of people

The development of wheel was actually not for the use of transport but for the purpose of some other means of living like pottery and the same wheel was in turn used for a development of people carrying goods from one place to the other and finally people being carried from one place to the other for saving time as well as energy.
The transport system has brought such a drastic impact on people that there is no place where we can't find people using it in some way or the other.
Starting from the house where we step out,we have all sorts of vehicles for carrying us and all sorts of machines ,simple and mechanical as well to carry our goods.
And finally, science has advanced so much that instead of using vehicles on static roads, we have made the roads movable !
Another such development is the moving of the staircase,which is usually difficult for the elderly people to use.And thus we have the elevators which have substituted staircase.
Most commonly seen device similar to the ELEVATOR is the ESCALATOR which is now having very high demand and has gained popularity.

The Escalator

The working of an Escalator : An escalator is a moving staircase – a conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building. The device consists of a motor-driven chain of individual, linked steps that move up or down on tracks, allowing the step treads to remain horizontal.They can be placed in the same physical space as one might install a staircase. They have no waiting interval (except during very heavy traffic), they can be used to guide people toward main exits or special exhibits, and they may be weatherproofed for outdoor use. A non-functioning escalator can function as a normal staircase, whereas many other conveyances become useless when they break down.
At its most basic level, an escalator is just a simple variation on the conveyer belt. A pair of rotating chain loops pull a series of stairs in a cons­tant cycle, moving a lot of people a short distance at a good speed.
The core of an escalator is a pair of chains, looped around two pairs of gears. An electric motor turns the drive gears at the top, which rotate th­e chain loops.The motor and chain system are housed inside the truss, a metal structure extending between two floors.Each step in the escalator has two sets of wheels, which roll along two separate tracks. The upper set (the wheels near the top of the step) are connected to the rotating chains, and so are pulled by the drive gear at the top of the escalator. The other set of wheels simply glides along its track, following behind the first set.
The tracks are spaced apart in such a way that each step will always remain level. At the top and bottom of the escalator, the tracks level off to a horizontal position, flattening the stairway. Each step has a series of grooves in it, so it will fit together with the steps behind it and in front of it during this flattening.
­In addition to rotating the main chain loops, the electric motor in an escalator also moves the handrails. A handrail is simply a rubber conveyer belt that is looped around a series of wheels. This belt is precisely configured so that it moves at exactly the same speed as the steps, to give riders some stability.

Accidents on Escalators

The escalator is a great development in the field of technology and transport. But, it has also brought in significant disadvantages which have created a kind of fear in public.
It has been developed mainly for the purpose of elders it can be used by all others and its now being used more by the youth compared to the elderly people due to the lack of awareness in its working.
People who can step onto it and balance themselves feel it as a relief from the burden of using the staircase with luggage.But,what about people who can not step on to it as quickly as others and can not balance themselves.
In such cases, women, especially who are dressed in saris, need to be very cautious.There are also brushes at the edges of the escalators especially meant for women dressed in saris.
In March 2014,the surveillance staff, noticed that a woman passenger fell down on the moving escalator. As a result, her sari and hair got entangled in the stairs of the running escalator. On seeing her in a precarious condition, the surveillance staff immediately rushed to the spot and switched off the emergency button and stopped the escalator. Due to prompt and swift action, the woman passenger was saved from sustaining fatal injury.
In 1999, a seven-year-old girl had similarly got stuck in the escalator and was crushed to death.
Such accidents, have created a type of phobia in the public and this has prevented most of the public from using the escalator and preferring the staircase instead.

A new Alteration in Escalators : It would be nice if there are escalators which have some sort of foot holders or clutches which hold the foot when a person steps on and loosens when he/she has to step out so that there are no issues with the balancing on escalators. Hope to see such user friendly or "sari-women friendly" or "children friendly " escalators soon.


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