Uddeśa Meditation ~ The Authentic and Original Meditation Practice

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Here you'll find a complete step by step guide to Uddeśa Meditation and be guided to discover and live your dream

Uddeśa Meditation ~ The Authentic and Original Meditation Practice

Origin and Purpose of Uddeśa Meditation
Thousands of years ago meditation started when man were searching for answers to the meaning of life and the purpose of our existence, what the goal of our life is.. They discovered that by clearing your mind and delving into the hidden parts of your subconscious mind , you will find the answer to the most important question of Why? The answer to all our questions are revealed to us by allowing our minds to go into a deep meditative state, to clear our mind from our daily desires and problems and opening it to receive guidance from our inner self. By practicing the original and authentic way of meditation, we will receive clarity and insight into what our purpose is, what the reason for our existence is.

How to practice Uddeśa Meditation
Step 1
Firstly we have to remove ourselves from our current lifestyle, even if it’s only for a few days, away from everything and everyone, away from all technology and other influences and distractions. Find a place where you can be alone with your own thoughts and space. A place like a mountain hiking trail or a deserted beach or anywhere you feel comfortable with and where you’ll have complete silence, except from the sounds of nature like breaking waves, a soothing waterfall or just hearing the wind. A place where you can connect with nature and all the natural beauty around you, like admiring a beautiful sunset or just watching the clouds moving by in the sky. The idea is to appreciate nature again and to become part of it.

By reconnecting with nature, you’ve already completed the first step to discovering your authentic self and the life you are supposed to live. Nature will fill your mind with a sense of peace and will help to clear your mind from all concerns or worries and making it receptive to rediscovering your true self and the dream you had for your life. Now you are ready for the second step.

Step 2
In the second step you will erase all negative energy in you and fill your mind and heart with positive thoughts. Find a comfortable place for you to sit and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Concentrate on your breathing, feel the clean air filling your lungs when you inhale and feel all the toxic air leaving your body when you exhale. Take slower and deeper breaths with each time you inhale and exhale. Just concentrate on your breathing, other thoughts will come up, but just acknowledge them and without thinking about the thoughts that came up, bring your mind back to concentrating on your breathing. And with each breath, take it deeper and slower. Each time you inhaling love and peace and happiness and with exhaling you’re breathing out all the worries, anxieties and darkness in your life. With each breath you feel more at peace and your worries become less and less.

Step 3
With the third step imagine a beautiful sunrise in your heart while still taking deeper and slower breaths. Imagine the sun lighting up your whole being, replacing all the darkness in you. The bright light of the sun illuminating every single cell in your body. Your whole body becomes a bright light in this dark world. Your whole being is glowing in love and peace and happiness. Again, other thoughts will come up, but just refocus on this bright light inside of your heart. At this point you feel completely at peace, all concerns and darkness has been erased from your mind and heart. The only emotion you’re experiencing now is complete and utter peace, you’re mind has gone quiet and you’re feeling a sense of indescribable joy and peace.

Step 4
In this step you’ll start delving deep into your subconscious mind, reliving all the moments in your life when you were at your happiest. Starting at your childhood and take your mind on a wonderful journey of reliving the highlights of your life up to the present time. If negative or bad memories come up, acknowledge them, but as soon as you can, bring your mind back to remember all your happiest moments. These joyful moments should not be attached to any materialistic or self-fulfilling achievements, but to happy memories on a spiritual or humanitarian level. Relive all the times in your life, where your heart was filled with joy caused by doing something good for someone else or by witnessing an act of unselfish goodness by another person. Every time you felt inspired when reading or hearing a person’s story of courage and accomplishment, is the key to your goal in life. The answer to your purpose or goal in life is locked up In these memories that touched your heart and brought tears of happiness to your eyes.
Through routinely practicing Uddeśa Meditation, and reliving these heartfelt moments of joy and appreciation, you’ll realize that one specific memory will surface above the others. This one specific memory is the key to your own happiness. From this point on, when you get to step 4 of Uddeśa Meditation, replace the exercise of remembering all the happy moments in your life with this one thought, the memory that filled your heart and soul with the most joy. By meditation daily on this one memory that brought you the most joy, will make it a reality for you and you’ll be motivated to have your whole life filled with this happy memory. You’ll long for that every day of your life will be filled with this heartfelt happiness.

Step 5
In this step you have to contemplate one single thought on how you will be able to realize your dream. There will be many things that you have to do and change in your live to achieve this. But secret is to be patient and taking it one step at a time to reach your goal. Ignore the negative thoughts of that it is impossible or too difficult to reach your goal. Every time a negative thought enters your mind, go back to step 4 and visualize your happiest moment. Relive that feeling of utter happiness you experienced when you discovered your dream,

When you’ve filled your heart with happiness again, move to step 5 and contemplate one single thought on how you will achieve your goal. In the day or days that follow, take action to actually doing something constructive towards your dream. It doesn’t have to be a big step, but with each small step, you move closer to living your dream. Repeat your meditation daily and ending it off by contemplating the first step you should take to realize your dream.

When you’ve completed the first action towards realizing your dream, meaning that you did a physical action towards your dream, you’re ready to move on to the second action. Repeat the process until you’ve incorporated the second action to your life. Now you’re ready to meditate on what the next action to take is. Repeat this process until you’ve reached your goal and you’re living a life with purpose, a life filled with happiness.

This process can take months, even years before you’ve completed all the actions to realize your dream, but just keep on believing that at the end you’ll be living the life you’ve always wanted. Some actions will be more difficult than others to incorporate in your life and will take a lot of consideration and planning, but with daily meditation, your mind will reveal the way to you. You will find a solution to any problem or obstacle that’s preventing you from reaching your goal, you will discover what the reason for your existence is. Just keep on meditating on each individual action you have to take to reach your destination, to living a meaningful life.

And when you are living your dream, never stop meditating and be grateful for the life you have, be thankful that you are one of only a few people who are fulfilling their calling. You are one of a few people whose life will be the legacy they leave behind, the day they pass away. So my friends, let your life be an inspiration for other's and that your life’s legacy lives on for many years to come.

Let Peace be with you and have a Blissful day

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Teacher Tobias, you're a doctor in this subject! Excellent share! We need to relax!

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One needs to search deep within to calm our minds. Uplifting post, thanks - siva

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