Uluru- Steal Here and You Will Regret

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A short article about the mysterious Ayers Rock of Australia.

The Uluru

The Place and Its Beauty
When you will enter the vast desert lands of central part of Australia, your eyes may see a giant red mountain. But in this case, there is something more than what meets the eye. This red massive structure is not a mountain but it is one red giant rock, called Uluru, which is made of red sandstone. Australian people call it Ayers rock. This red giant structure rises to about 1142 feet from the ground and its base covers up about 5.6 miles of circumference. It is as sacred for the Aboriginals as River Ganga is for the Hindus. This is a place where tourists find great joy and adventure and most of them love to climb this strange structure. About 20 miles to west of Uluru, you will find another strange rock structure called Kata Tjuta, which is a series of domes made of rocks and these domes are of varying sizes and are separated by narrow gauges. Mount Olga which is 1970 feet above the desert level is the highest dome. Seeing the natural beauty of this whole area and its popularity among the tourists, Australian Government has declared it as a National Park. This place is not only beautiful but is also mysterious because the rocks here are often called as ‘sorry rocks’.

The Place and Its Mystery

Most tourists have wonderful time here climbing up the red stone of Uluru and as a souvenir of this wonderful time, they chip away some small red pieces with them while some even take as big as 30 kg memento with them. This stealing of the chips of rock is not taken seriously by anyone but by the rock itself. All the red souvenirs make their comeback at this place in a very strange way. People who had once stolen them from this place return them to their parent rock, since they believe these rocks brought them nothing but bad luck in their life. Every day at least one rock is returned to the place either personally or by mails. Sometimes mails have letters in them stating years of bad luck was enough to force them to return the stones, while others stated of being guilty and sad of the act. Most people while returning had great regard for the Aborigines. The mystery of how this happens can be linked to the law of attraction through thoughts which these aboriginal people might have used to protect their sacred structure or maybe it is their way of encouraging people not to climb and deteriorate their holy natural structure. But nobody knows for sure why this happens but it is a good thing as long as it is stopping people from doing slow murder of this geological wonder.

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author avatar aesoplado
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

Havnt been there yet.

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author avatar mysterycollection
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

me too

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author avatar ghazala zafar
3rd Dec 2010 (#)

I want to be there...

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author avatar Lila On Life
10th Feb 2011 (#)

Loved the information! If I ever get there I will make sure I don't take anything away that should be left there.

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author avatar sungrace
28th Apr 2011 (#)

Thanks for sharing this information.

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author avatar Humza
28th Apr 2011 (#)

great share thnx alot

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author avatar Songbird B
6th May 2011 (#)

Interesting and insightful too, MC...

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
11th May 2011 (#)

Very nice article. Would love to go there.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
13th Aug 2011 (#)

Wonderfully mysterious rock!

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author avatar Delmy
23rd Dec 2012 (#)

I once stole a rock and right after my father passed I also stop going to school I was almost done with Rn program, I had a nice relationship with my boyfriend but that relationship also ended and so many bad things happened to me that I had to seek psychological help I return the rock and Iam barely recovering I am so sorry I innocently took that rock

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author avatar Hayden
4th Apr 2013 (#)

If anyone knows anyone who is thinking if return abit of stolen rock please contact me - filming a documentary on this..

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