UnChristian Ways of Punishments

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Christendom, the whole of it, especially the Roman Catholics, is celebrating this weeklong religious activities about the Lord Jesus Christ's sufferings to save mankind from its original sin. Related to this are recorded historical truths about how early Christians Martyrs were inflicted unheard of forms of ghastly tortures by heretics. Let's relive some of them.

Christian Martyrs given to be nibbled upon by mice

Theodoretus records in his History how the most cruel of the Persian Kings Goraranes persecutes Christians by way of the mice to inflict upon them terrific harm. Here’s how they do it:

"Moreover they dig pits, put them (the Christians) very carefully into them, and poured upon them a vast number of shrew-mice. Finally, after binding their hands and feet to hinder them from driving off the little creatures, they offered them as food to the mice, which under the stress of hunger gradually ate away the flesh of the imprisoned saints, thus torturing them horribly day after day. ..."

Picture: Christian Dirce by Henryk Siemiradzki (National Museum, Warsaw) shows the punishment of a Roman woman who converted to Christianity /

Bites from rodents and mad dogs

Another heinous form of torture by which the Heretics in 1591, as described in the Theatre of Heretic Cruelties, tormented recalcitrant Catholics in an effort to make them abjure their Faith:

“Laying them on their backs and binding them securely, they placed on their bare stomachs inverted basins with live rodents trapped inside them — and proceeded to light a fire over the basins, so that the rodents, attempting to escape the heat, gnawed through their bellies and buried themselves in their inwards.

Other Catholics of our present time — like the Christians who suffered under Nero — have been sewn up in the hides of beasts and exposed to the bites of mad dogs at the orders of Elizabeth, Queen of England, because they refused to heed her wicked commands that they renounce the true Catholic Faith.”

Picture: Mad Dog

Trodden Underfoot by Horses

Some of the early Christian martyrs, especially the Bishops, were often thrown to the ground by the orders of impious persecutors, to be trampled and mangled by horses. Victor speaks of this in his Vandal Persecution:

"After these cruel edicts so full of noxious poison, he ordered all the Bishops, who had been assembled at Carthage, and whose churches, houses and belongings whatsoever had been plundered, to be driven forth out of the city walls, with not so much as an animal or a slave, or a single change of clothing being left them, and further ordered that anyone who offered any of them hospitality or gave them food, or should even attempt to do so out of pity, would be burnt up with fire, he and his house with him.

But the expelled Bishops act very wisely; for they adopted the state of mendicants and did not quit the city at all, knowing full well that if they did withdraw, they would only be recalled again and forcibly brought back — and moreover that their enemies would lie, as they had lied before, and declare they had run away because they were afraid to face the persecution, and last but not least that, if they did so return, they would find no place of refuge open to them, their Churches, their houses and their goods having been seized.

"So as they were lying groaning round about the circuit of the walls and exposed to the weather, it came about that the King went forth to the baths. They all then crowded eagerly around him, saying, 'Why are we so afflicted? For what faults unwittingly committed do we suffer this treatment? If we were called together to hold a disputation, why have we been plundered? Why are we driven out, and put off? Why, deprived of our Churches and our houses, are we made to bear hunger and nakedness, and left wallowing in the mire?'

But looking at them with lowering eyes, even before he had heard their appeal, he ordered horses with riders on their backs to be driven over them, that they would not merely be bruised and hurt by this violence, but actually killed. And indeed many were trodden to death, especially the older and weaker among their number."

Picture: Raids and investigations to bring the Vegetarian movement to heel continued for several months thereafter, and the whole affair ultimately was quelled.

Similar torture suffered by a certain priest

Imitating these examples, the Heretics of our own day and in the same way treated a certain friar, John, a venerable member of the Order of St. Francis, and lately appointed Bishop of Daventry. After savagely wounding him and punishing and insulting him in many other ways, they simply had him trod under foot, and left him lying in the streets like a foul and abject corpse.

We read of the same being done under the Emperor Diocletian to three Blessed Saints of Christ, Maxima, Secunda and Donatilla, virgins and martyrs.

Picture: christian-martyrs-last-prayer-20140417.jpg

Reference: Boston Catholic Journal


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author avatar Carol Roach
3rd Apr 2015 (#)

men can be more savage than beasts.

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author avatar Retired
3rd Apr 2015 (#)

this were dark times in human history.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
4th Apr 2015 (#)

Interesting post pare and Happy Easter, well done and nice investigation

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author avatar spirited
9th Apr 2015 (#)

I don't think I would stand up for my beliefs like these people did. It's happening all over again in some parts of the World now again too.

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