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A reader friendly look at the tarot card we call Strength and it's many and varied meanings in realtion to the tarot and divination.


A woman, leaning over a lion, holds it’s jaws lovingly as it laps at her wrist. The symbol of infinity floats above her head. She has tamed the beast, who, with tail between his legs, awaits her next command. The eternal struggle of man over beasts. Those who attack from the outside, and those that hide within.

Like the images depicted in the Strength card, we must learn to control our whims. Addictions, emotions, associations, strive to take our power away, and ultimately it is up to ourselves to see that we don’t relinquish our control. Strength can motivate, encourage, and protect, but it can also manipulate and conquer. Do we want to win through power and respect, or through fear and force? Has our fool, after finding himself victorious over his enemies, grown too confident? Has he become arrogant? Will he abuse his new found power?

While the card in this particular tarot deck is referred to as Strength, in some decks it has been called Fortitude. This is not a card that relates only to the physical. Inner strength, the ability to stand up for right over might, the will power to see a goal through to completion, the courage to take the first step, the wisdom to know when to lead and when to follow. These are just a few examples of the type of strengths this card points to.

For the Querent, this card speaks to controlling not only those circumstances which are surrounding them, but also controlling that which they find within themselves. Strength is a card that speaks of leadership, finding and controlling ones personal power, nourishing compassion for those less fortunate, sharing wisdom and living your life with honor and integrity.

Should the Strength card fall into a position where it represents someone other than the Querent, you can be sure that it is speaking of an honest and loyal companion. A friend to rival all others.

In it’s reverse, we see the beast within taking control. It is action without thought. It is Master rather than leader. It is victory through nonmoral action. It is force rather than power. It is the addiction taking over, the hate and envy bursting forth. For some victory is all that matters, no matter the means. You will win, but the cost may not be worth it.

Ultimately, the Strength card represents courage, energy, victory and honor. The beginning Tarot reader will find it to be one of the easiest cards to remember and at the same time, will find it to be very easy to stray from the "book" interpretation and into the realm of their own. When tuning into Tarot, you will find the Strength card to be very talkative.


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