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A look at the Chariot of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck in a reader friendly article.

The Chariot is Movement

Standing upon his vehicle of gold and silver, the Charioteer pauses at the water’s edge, allowing his black and white steeds a moments rest. Behind him, across the water, lies the kingdom he has been called on to defend. Again, golden stars decorate his headpiece and in his hand, his staff is at the ready.

The Chariot, in Tarot, speaks to movement. Whether the Querent is moving forward, backward, or is stuck and without direction. It warns the Querent to resist the temptation to fight against the currents of what is and to work with the energies, bringing them forth to aid him in reaching his destination. The Chariot may provide the Querent his vehicle for action, however he must remember that it is he himself who must control and manipulate the vehicle’s power. The steering wheel is in his hands, and he is the guide that gives the power its direction.

The Chariot is one of the more difficult cards to decipher in relation to its meanings. At it’s core, the Chariot implies struggle, with a hard-won victory at its end. It is a card of opposites, of duelling forces, as denoted by the black and white steeds which provides the Chariot its power. It is the work it takes to get opposites working together, and the success that comes with having seemed to accomplish the impossible.

The Chariot can also speak to the spark that gets a project in motion, or pulls the Querent from a period of stagnation. Where before there was no direction, the Querent decides to pave his own way. It is motivation coupled with inspiration, a powerful desire to push forward.

In its simplest and easiest interpretation, the Chariot can indicate a trip, a vehicle, or a letter by mail or courier.

For the first time, the Tarot reader must truly pay attention to the cards that are falling with the Chariot in order to decipher just where this confusing card might be leading. At times it can be blatantly obvious, but for the most part, no answer will be given without being influenced by the surrounding cards.

It is a card representing the lone fighter, the victor, but at what cost does the victory come by? It can be momentum gone wrong, the urge to win, no matter the outcome. It is the art of war and the tragedy of its consequences. No matter what meaning the card takes, it is always of utmost importance to remind your Querent that it is he who controls the power, and through the miracle that is free will, recommend he yield his power wisely.


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