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A reader friendly look at The Empress of the Rider-Waite tarot deck. She is all that is motherly, both good and bad. Read on to learn more of this card and its many meanings.

The Empress

A fair beauty with golden locks and a crown of stars reclines on her throne, awaiting the arrival of the Fool. Her gown is adorned with pomegranates and she is surrounded by a bountiful field and garden ripe for harvest. Like a mother awaiting the return of her child, she is patience and love, but should the child not return when expected, she is anxious, nervous and hesitant to let them leave her nest again.

Over and above all the various meanings associated with the Empress, she is the ultimate creator. She is the mother, nurturing, providing, guiding. She is patience, love, generosity and all the attributes of a mother figure. Likewise, when falling in the reverse, she becomes the overbearing, overprotective mother, who caudals and smothers her child to the point no growth is possible. In this form she is possessive, overprotective, and worst of all, envious of the life her child has created without her.

In reference to the Querent themselves, the Empress may point to a time when the subject of the tarot reading was feeling much like a mother themselves, nurturing a child, an idea, a romance, or a career in a stage of infancy.

As an event, the Empress will also point to a birth or a creation, be it an idea or, depending on the cards that accompany it, the Empress may directly point to the birth of a child. In many tarot decks, past and present, the Empress is depicted as the expectant mother, glowing in her pregnancy, but this is not the case with the Rider-Waite tarot.

It is important that the reader of the tarot cards not make the assumption that the Empress is automatically speaking of a female. With this card in particular, it is important to look to the cards that have fallen before and after in the layout.

The Empress speaks directly to the Querent and her advice is simple. Like children, an idea, a business, a career or a relationship must be nurtured and tended to if it is to become all it can be. In the same breath, should she fall reversed, the Empress warns against tunnel vision. The popular old saying, "spare the road and spoil the child", comes to mind. It is the side of motherhood that has the potential to smother the child and in its warped definition of love, denies her the freedom to grow and blossom into the adult she was meant to be. The freedom for the daughter to become the mother. The Empress speaks of wisdom and love, of knowing when to let go and let grow, without conditions. She warns the Querent that if they expect to see that which they have birthed become all they desire, patience, discipline, love and guidance will be required.

While the Empress may at first glance appear to be quite obvious in her meanings, when reading the tarot, you must be prepared to look beyond the book. What could appear to have been an overbearing parent in the Querent’s past, could just as easily have been a career decision that cost him family and love due to over commitment. Again, be prepared to let your intuition guide you, and tell the story in the direction your secret knowledge takes you.


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