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In order to understand the meaning of The Fool in the Rider-Waite Tarot, one only has to look to the images presented. Get to know the Fool in tarot with this reader friendly look into The Fool of the Rider-Waite tarot.

The Fool

The Fool…all his material possessions in a pack on his pack, striding along bursting with joy and self-confidence, awaiting any new opportunity that might lay in wait. His eyes are skyward, his smile bright. The barking of the little dog at his heals does nothing to slow his stride. With his head in the clouds he has failed to notice that he is venturing toward the edge of the cliff top that his path has become, and the little dog’s yipping may well have been only to warn him of how close he is.

For some, the Fool is a card of limitless possibilities, while for others, it is a card of secrecy, warning this particular event, so important to the client’s destiny, cannot be known for fear that destiny may be swayed.

Depending on the cards that have fallen before or after the Fool, he can also represent new opportunities, a rebirth, or a fresh start after trying circumstances.

The client, for whom you will be doing the reading, also known as the "Querent", can also be represented by the Fool. Very seldom will this particular card refer to any other person within the tarot reading. It is almost always a representation of the Querent.

Within the major arcana, the Fool is numbered as Zero. For the novice tarot reader, this can be used as a helpful reminder that the Fool will often represent the Querent being back at zero. It can mean that a time of restarting is upon them, it can relate to a feeling of freedom and wonder, much like a new born. It is the relief that comes with being given a second chance.

Depending on the layout and where in the Tarot reading the Fool falls, he can be regarded as representing a time when the Querent will have no idea where they are going, rather they are simply enjoying the ride that life is presenting them with.

The negative side to the Fool, should he fall reversed (upside down) within the reading, is a warning against being overly optimistic or having pie in the sky expectations. It cautions against daydreaming about what might happen, especially to the point where the Querent may be ignoring what really is happening.

One of the most commonly embraced representations of the Fool in relation to the tarot is the advice he offers us in regards to our place within our earthly realm. He makes us aware that we should follow our own path. He asks us to trust our intuition and take life on face to face.

For the novice tarot reader, the information provided above will assist with familiarizing yourself with the Fool card and its meaning. As your knowledge and confidence grows, so too will your understanding of the ways of the tarot. Soon, the Fool will take on a more personal meaning, one that may even go against what has been presented here. Like the Fool, you should follow your own path and trust your intuition. Develop your craft with knowledge, wisdom, faith and integrity.


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author avatar Alexandra Heep
30th Aug 2010 (#)

Interesting combination - someone with real estate knowledge who knows Tarot and how to write - I thought I was the only one! Good article.

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author avatar Natasha Head
30th Aug 2010 (#)

Thanks Alexandra...I am hoping one day I can forgo the real estate stuff...lol (Much prefer the writing side of things, and I find the tarot facinating!)

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author avatar Retired
30th Aug 2010 (#)

very interesting information thanks.

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author avatar Natasha Head
30th Aug 2010 (#)

Thanks to you Rebecca E...appreciate your time and comment! :)

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

I am thoroughly enjoying this series on the tarot deck. Thank you Natasha. You really know your stuff.

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