Understanding Tarot - The Hermit

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A reader friendly look into the Hermit card of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck and its many meanings in relation to the tarot and divination.

A time for Self-reflection

Carrying only his staff and a lantern to light his way in the darkness, the Hermit shuffles along, alone, pondering the life he has lived, his plans for the future, and all the secret mysteries of the universe. Looking back, he has come to terms with past action, or the lack of action as the case may be. He is our Fool, now mature and graced with hindsight, retreating, coming to the realization that the worlds that are left to discover, are only the ones he plans to create

For the Querent, your client, this card speaks volumes. He or she is entering into a time of solitude, of aloness, whether forced or desired. It is a time of peace, of calmness. They will be given the opportunity to turn their thoughts inwards, and opportunity to focus on themselves that will not seem vain or selfish. It is a time that will be provided to them where they will be graced with the freedom to explore their past, their future, and all points in between. They will have the focus to concentrate and think about their dreams and desires, their hopes and fears. This may be a time they have long desired for, or it may come whether they are prepared for it or not. It is a time that may cause some discomfort and discontent as they take efforts to break away from the business that has become their life.

This time is provided to all at some point in their lives, and for some it will come as the result of illness or injury. No matter how, it is important to remind the Querent that it is a time to think, to organize and reflect. It is a time that will ultimately produce enlightenment, peace of mind and clarity.

In relation to another who may be involved with the Querent, the Hermit card points to an individual that he or she sees alone, or to someone that his friends and family know little or nothing about. This card represents a person who is intelligent, wise and inspiring and could be a therapist, close friend, teacher or spiritual advisor or leader. Whoever it may be, the Querent can be sure it is a person who will be able to help them seek out what it is they are looking for.

In it’s reverse, the Hermit meaning can represent the pressing need for alone time. It indicates impatience with others, especially if they dare to disturb the Querent in their quest for solitude. It is a strong resentment of distraction because the Querent understands, finally, that the wisdom he seeks is within and it is up to himself to unravel the mystery.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

Excellent interpretation of the Hermit card. In fact, your entire series is a joy to read. I hope you go through the entire deck. Many thanks Natasha.

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