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Where secret knowledge comes to the forfront, The High Priestess of the Rider-Waite tarot will take you beyond the obvious. Read on to learn more of the secret knowledge released when the High Priestess appears in your tarot reading.

The High Priestess

Sitting between the pillars of light and dark, black and white, the High Priestess awaits the arrival of the Fool. Unlike the Magician, who was bold, bright and talkative, our High Priestess is a woman of few words, guarding the veiled entrance to the secret knowledge few will ever know. Pomegranates decorate our curtained veil and we are reminded of Persephone, who travelled to the land of the dead, ate of its fruit and hence, was allowed passage between the worlds. Her moon crown leads us to think of mystery and shadows, of secrets gathered and told in its silvery, mysterious glow. She is the High Priestess, and the Querent can be sure that secrets, mystery, hidden knowledge and revelation will play a role.

In its simplest representation, the High Priestess points not to the Querent, rather it suggests the reader of the tarot cards. A person who has been blessed with psychic gifts and has chosen to put their power to good, passing on secret knowledge through their gift of intuition. The Querent has, after all, come to see them for this very reason.

If the tarot card reader feels this card has fallen into a position where it does indeed represent the Querent, the subject can be sure they will soon be the recipient of secret knowledge or will find themselves drawn into a period of solitary investigation.

The High Priestess can represent any number of things in relation to this secret knowledge. Perhaps the Querent will find themselves researching old documents or religious works, or perhaps they will be privy to visions or involved with tools of divination such as crystal balls, tarot cards, the pendulum, etc. They may also come to find they are receiving this knowledge through their dreams, or through communication with spirits who travel our realm. No matter the medium, the Querent will find themselves open and ready to receive the knowledge

Should the High Priestess fall into a position in the layout where they are representing another, one other than the Querent, considerations should be given to a family elder, or spiritual woman. One who is privy to secrets. In a physical sense, she may be off-putting, unpredictable and for some, even scary.

In the end, the High Priestess ultimately represents knowledge. It is the Fool who, having received the idea through his meeting with the Magician, is know being given the knowledge he requires to bring his idea to life. Like the light of the silvery moon that is her crown, the High Priestess will provide the knowledge the Fool requires to see his idea through to action.

As you venture down the path of the tarot, you, as the card reader, will have your own battles with secret knowledge. What you learn on your journey may fly in the face of all you have known to be "true", all you have been taught is "true". The High Priestess may be the first card that really questions where you are and why you have been drawn to the ways of the Tarot. An open mind, free from judgement and with an appreciation for all "truths" is a must if you hope to share with others the secrets of the Tarot.


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1st Sep 2010 (#)

Very interesting!

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Thanks Maria! Especially for taking your time to stop by and have a look :)

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