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Understanding Tarot presents The Lovers. Referencing the Rider-Waite Tarot, we will take a reader friendly look at the card we today call The Lovers and its meaning.

All We Are is Love

An angel with rainbow hair hovers in the sunkissed air. She looks down upon a man and a woman, arms outstretched. The couple are without clothes, each standing in front of a tree. His is burning, flames of fire dancing on its boughs. Her is lush greenery, decorated with rosy apples, but along its trunk, the snake has wrapped itself throughout its bountiful branches. The man looks to the woman, the woman to the angel…

In the Rider-Waite Tarot, there is no doubt that the couple who appears on the Lovers card is a representation of Adam and Eve. This card speaks to a love so strong, the poor Fool has no choice but to throw out his plans and dance down an untraversed path. The passion ignited is so strong, he has no choice but to follow his heart. He has come upon that which completes him, that missing part of himself, as though the angel above has brought together two missing halves to make a solid and unmarred whole.

After stern cards such as the Emperor and theHierophant, the Lovers represents something a little more fun. It is common, especially when you are just beginning to work with the Tarot, to assume this card represents relationships with others, but if we remember that originally this card was simply called "love", it opens up numerous avenues for the reading to take.

This is a card about passion, be it in relationships, hobbies, careers, or the like. It is falling head over heels for a person, a profession, a calling. This card is perfect communication, trust and of course, love.

When this card turns up in a reading, the Querent is being told to trust her instinct, to choose this person or that career. To recognize the calling for what it is and the opportunity to find that which has been missing. They will find what their soul requires, if they don’t let doubt, difficulty or fear sway them from their choice to act. This card is swift, sudden and unexpected, much like true love.

Ultimately, life will change for the Querent because of this card. Suddenly the road they set out upon will be one they never would have expected. The highway will be clear of all obstacles, and their travels, once they make the decision to go, will be smooth.

Should the card fall reversed, the Querent must come to terms with their inner conflict. The swiftness becomes delayed as they fight with indecision, as though the Tarot’s wisdom is telling them to put off decision making until that inner conflict is resolved.

Again, as the Tarot reader, it is important to move beyond the imagery and consider the cards that have been laid out before and after, remembering that in its ultimate meaning, this is a card of Love.


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