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A card that is alive with magic, The Magician takes mere words and turns them into what he desires. A reader friendly look at the Magician as depicted in the Rider-Waite Tarot and his meanings.

The Magician

A young man stands in full robes, behind a table laden with magical representations of body, mind, emotion and spirit. The symbol of infinity glows above his head, bathing him in the pure light of divinity. His right hand, armed with magic wand, points to the heavens, while his left, points to the ground. As above, so below.

With the Magician, we are given our first glimpse into the suits that make up the Rider-Waite Tarot. Upon the table before him lies a wand (free will), a sword (the mind), a cup (our overflowing emotions) and a pentacle (body). These are the tools the Magician uses to make his magic.

For one just beginning study of the tarot, the Magician is one of the cards whose meanings can be easily understood and conveyed. First and foremost, he is a card that oozes the male power of creation. It is a card of desire and longing, yet coupled with will power and the determination to see the desire fulfilled.

The Magician has the magical ability to make something so with the power of his words alone. He is the smooth-talker, the first the Fool, from our previous article, will meet on his travels.

One common interpretation for many is the Querent (or client) will be blessed with a vision or idea as to how to obtain that which they most desire. Like magic, a solution will appear.

The Magician, if representing the Querent themselves, means they will find themselves at their best. They are witty, eloquent, inventive, charming and charismatic.

Going beyond the Querent to other who will play a role in their reading, the Magician can represent a doctor, scientist, inventor, or, as a warning, a con-man. Clever and intelligent can apply to enemies and one who may be looking at taking advantage of the Querent. For good or for bad, he is magical.

As advice, the Magician urges us to tap into our full potential. It tells us all is as it should be and the time for magic is at hand. The Magician in tarot tells us we are in the zone, and right action will occur…as if by magic!

As always, never belittle your own personal thoughts and interpretations as to the cards and their meanings. Learning tarot is more like "tuning into tarot" and the cards are our guides to the signal. Often times you will be hit with a thought or vision that will go against the book meaning of the card. When this starts to happen frequently, the time has come to toss the book!


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
5th Nov 2011 (#)

You have a marvelous understanding of the Tarot, Natasha. Great articles.

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