Understanding the Corruption of FIFA

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Understanding why and how Sepp Blatter could have ruled FIFA and despite the scandals been re-elected.

Understanding Kakiscrasy

There are states and organisations which are not corrupt, Corruption is their form of governance. To call them 'corrupt' is like calling salt 'salty' or saying a dead person is 'life challenged.'

These are the the Kakistocrasy or Kakiscrasy. This is a government by the very worst people for the very worst purposes.

Democracy is a very bad form of governance. It allows the very worst people, those who riot at football matches, and/or join ISIS to rule.

"Give us Barabbas" is the rallying cry.

When it is 'one person' or 'one organisation' One Vote, if you can get enough rabble to vote, the worst person wins.

As a little Visual Aid

In the Third World one can not attempt to reach for power unless they;

a) know those who already have power
b) are related to those who already have power
c) are sexually involved with those who already have power
d) are connected to a), b), c) above
e) have a lot of money or secrets for a), b), c), d) above.

No one who gets into power, save by coup d'etat/revolution does not fall under one of those categories in the Third World.

Now a guy in the Third World who wants to run for an office has to get the nod from someone in power.

This is not hard if one falls into category a - e above. If one does not, joining the categories is possible, primarly (a). Becoming a toady, a worshipper, someone who can be woken up in the middle of the night to perform a task without question, is the way to go.

Once s/he does, then the process begins.

Here is Floppo; he wants to be Member of Parliament. He goes into the Constituency. He finds small 'loyal' communities or those 'on the fringe' and locates those who he can use.

They may be members of the political party he wants to represent, they may be nobodies. But what he has to do is form them into Groups which belong to the Party and have voting rights.

Once he's gotten thirty or so groups with two persons who hold voting position, i.e. President/Secretary of Club A he works on those votes.

Floppo must get those two to vote for him. He does this by giving them 'work'; i.e. cleaning a gully.

The President/Secretary take the money, put about 50% in their right pockets and give work to their friends. Their friends clean the gully and are paid the remaining 50%.

Floppo goes around and around and gets lots of these Clubs organised. Then comes elections and his 'people' vote for him.

If he gets in, they get more work, if he doesn't they will never get anything again.

The Club members, who like getting the money, who like having the power, vote for him. He may be an idiot, he may be having sex with his daughter, that is not important. Getting money is important.

Floppo gets elected. Floppo owes them. Floppo knows that he has to make sure his people get money/power. The day he slips, he slides, and another Floppo comes in.

Floppo's incumbancy depends on pleasing those hungry little club members.

How Sepp Blatter Played it

Sepp Blatter is a guy who would be a successful scammer wherever he wound up. Could have been anywhere, in anything.

Football was an easy ride. Popular sport, lots of sponsorship, lots of money for his pocket.

As any 3rd World politician, Sepp knew to play the little guy. The little guy who has nothing for whom a few bucks is a big deal.

Sepp understood democracy. He knew Cayman Islands had the same vote as Brasil. He knew that for every 'big' member in Europe or South America, there were dozens of little members in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean.

Hence, forget about England and France, forget about Argentina and Columbia, go after Jamaica, Trinidad, St. Lucia, go after Botswana and Gambia, go after Fiji and Cambodia.

Toss them a few dollars for 'development of Football', and they will kiss Sepp Blatter's foot bottom.

Corruption? Business as Usual

From the day Sepp walked into FIFA up to writing, there isn't a clean corner of the organisation. Everything is for sale, and everyone has his/her price.

Sepp was riding high. He owned the delegates, he owned the Board, and any man who stood against him would be humilated and crushed.

Qatar, which doesn't bother with the scam of democracy, wanted the World Cup and paid for it.

The fact that the temperature during the day is so high that humans can't play football, the fact that it uses slave labour to build its stadiums, (slaves imported from pathetic failed states), doesn't matter. The billionaire sheiks of Qatar want to amuse themselves with Football, they have the money to buy it.

Sepp, sold them the World Cup.

Those who knew what happened were threatened or bribed, and it was expected the world would shrug.

Alas, for Sepp Blatter, he'd gone too far. If he'd chosen a more normal place for the 2022 World Cup, he'd be sitting in his chair until he died. He'd be re-elected as long as he wanted,for he owns Africa and the Caribbean.

Enter America

When it comes to corruption, America has it's methods to activate its various security organisations.

Whether it is a set up, whether it is an innuendo which would have the same effect as a set up, the result is that the target is 'hit'.

America went after those who we, who live in the Third World, (especially the Caribbean) know are on the take.

We know, we don't care, but we know.

Now obviously, the guy who gets the bribe, the guy who washes the money has to get that bribe, get that money from someone.

If Sepp Blatter had a few molecules of honour in his soul he might have stepped down, but our boy gives Ponzi a bad name.

He had to stand for re-election, he had to be re-elected, even for a short time, to get rid of the evidence. Of course, the Americans probably already have the evidence, and are just enjoying Sepp's unmasking.

Here was a guy who never played football, who never coached a football team, who had no connection to football, yet got a job at the very top of FIFA.

Should make you wonder.


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