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With a cat tree you have two options - buy commercial or build a unique cat tree. This article will cover a couple of related basics.

Unique Cat Tree

I have never agreed with the saying 'you are either a cat person or a dog person' because personally I love most animals. Unfortunately for me the last five years I have lived in a property that overlooks the main road through my village and this has stopped me from homing a cat and I do miss the company of a pet.

Cats make a lovely pet but they do have a few habits that your home decor will not enjoy! How do you get around ? By purchasing or constructing a unique cat tree you can hone their bad habits towards one area of your house saving your decor and furniture from the abuse.

If you have ever witnessed a cat outdoors you will probably have been surprised at how agile they are especially when they scale a tall tree. This is because cats absolutely love climbing and if they are an outdoors cat they can climb until their heart's content. But what happens when they are a city cat kept indoors? Seems a little cruel not to supply him/her with something to scale. This is where a unique cat tree comes into play.

A unique cat tree is basically something that has been built to imitate a tree and is used indoors for your cat to use. A unique cat tree is manufactured in such a way that there are all sorts of nooks and crannies to him to investigate and lots of ways for him to climb. You may be put off at first just by looking at the cat tree because they look so peculiar but with a little planning and decor matching it could fit quite nicely into anybody's home.

You can buy a cat tree or you can build a unique cat tree instead if you are a little handy with a hammer and nails. Making your own with obviously give you the licence to be as creative as possible and make the item truly unique. Your cat will love the cat tree - believe me. They really do need somewhere to scratch as it is built into the actions naturally. Cats need to scratch things because they like to keep their claws sharp.

Don't be put off if you purchase or build a cat tree and your cat does not take to it straight away. With my old cat ( Sammy ) I can remember having to lead him to the newly fixed cat-flap and actually put him through it a couple of times before he figured out what it was for. The same goes with a unique cat tree - you may well need to lead them to it and introduce them to the tree!


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