Unique Christmas Customaries in Europe

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The customaries of Christmas are different in Europe.

Unique Christmas Customary in Europe

Christmas is around the corner and our perception of christmas are about Christmas trees, mistletoes, gifts, festive meal, snow, snowmen, candles and singing carols. It is a celebration with friends and families.
However, in some countries, their celebrations are unique.

Here are some countries with their unique customs.

The big continent of ice are covered most part of the country. Therefore, trees are particular hard to grow. Instead of the traditional Christmas tree we seen on tv, Icelanders use a straight and long stick to substitute the real tree.The stick will be put firmly on the ground and another wood log will be put on the top of it, which makes it look like a tree. After that, the Christmas decorations can be put on the tree.

In Iceland, the Christmas meal is not the turkey. Simply said, due to the cold weather, vegetables and turkey are out of the menu. They replace turkey with mutton. Hence, is you are a mutton or lamb fan, congratulation, during Christmas season, one can taste a variety of mutton meals to the fullest.

DenmarkDanish celebrates new year on 23rd of December. On that day, they will prepare roast duck, roast goose or roast pork with potatoes, red cabbage and kale. The dessert is milk porridge and add a single almond. The lucky person that has the almond will receive a gift and be lucky in the coming year.


Swedish believes there are elves living under the roof. Every Christmas, they will put a bowl of milk porridge on the roof and adding a few cream ball to satisfy the elves. In doing this, they wish the elves continuing protecting the family and have a happy yet safe year.

On 13th of December, Swedish has a festival named St Lucy's Day. The youngest daughter will put on white robe with red sash. Candles are lighting on the top of her crown.
Later, the wreath will put on their neck to symbolize the light on winter night. The wreath is made of leaves and berries.

This custom has a myth. Lucia was a kind and generous girl. She dispensing her inherited fortune to the poor. However, her good deeds were not approved by her families. They went to the judge and Lucia was sentenced to burn alive. However, she was unscathed in the fire. Therefore, Swedish regards her as the saint.

Norway Christmas has the most light of all Europe. Norwegians light up the first candle four weeks before Christmas and adding one candle each day until Christmas.

The Norwegians also prepared the rice porridge and served to the “Nissen” who believed to be living in the barn, outside of the house and forest.

Mistletoe plays a unique role in English's Christmas. As we know, whoever is standing under the mistletoe or whoever is holding the mistletoe over the top of your head could kiss you or be kissed. This must be a night full of kisses.

The Dutch has a unique way to celebrate their Christmas. On 6th of December, the kids will receive their gifts. Yes, it is too early compares with another countries. It has its reason. During seafarers' times, the ships will arrive home on the 6th of December. Everyone gathered at the Amsterdam port to greet their families and friends. The seafarers will give away vegetables or fruits to the kids. To them, this is their Christmas gift.

Kids in France will not hang their stocking, instead they will put their shoes by the fireplace.
Kids will prepare a glass of water and an orange to serve the Santa Claus. They consider the efforts of Santa Claus that have to deliver a lot of gifts and it must be tired. Therefore, the water and the orange will place underneath the Christmas tree for Santa's to have a little break before continuing his journey.

Do you know that in Italy the kids believe gifts are not delivering by Santa? Instead the gifts are delivering by a witch named Beffana on her broom. She left presents in the stokings and shoes for the children. So when the witch left, there are dust and speckles of coal left behind.

In 1880, a glass blower master invented a decoration that has still be performed today. At Thuringia, the glass maker blew an apple like ball and put it on the top of Christmas tree. Also, the children put their shoes outside rather than hanging stockings.


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