Universal Laws, How Powerful Are They, Do They Really Work?

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The Universal Laws are the laws that govern the Universe. These include the Universal Law of attraction, the Universal Law of abundance, the Universal Law of cause and effect, please continue to read below…

The Universal Laws

What are the Universal Laws? The Universal Laws are the laws that govern the Universe. These include the Universal Law of attraction, the Universal Law of abundance, the Universal Law of cause and effect, etc. The term “Universe” means the Universal spirit, God, a higher power, or the eternal power.
How do these Universal Laws work, are they powerful? The qualities that you admire in others, are recognize as existing within yourself; the qualities that you resist in yourself, you will also dislike in others and the qualities that you resist and react to in others is often some quality which you are afraid exists within you. Everything we do in the Universe consists of energy, our words, thoughts, desires, actions are all created through energy.

The following Universal Laws are explained below:

The law of abundance: We live in a Universe of abundance, by learning to appreciate the good things which we have in our life, we are able to attract or gain more of these things in our life. What we appreciate or honor we gain more of, for example money, love, friendship, etc.

The law of unconditional love: Unconditional love is the acceptance of others as they are without judgement or expectations, this is total acceptance of others without trying to change them. The law of unconditional love says, ” expressing unconditional love, encourages you to automatically rise above fear and by transcending your fears, you will be open to the expression of unconditional love”.

The law of attraction: According to the law of attraction thinking positive thoughts will bring positive results, whereas negative thoughts will bring negative results, the more we focus on the positives in life, the more positivity we will see, for example like attracts like, love attracts love.

The law of gratitude: According to the law of gratitude the more you give, the more you will receive. The more we assist others, the more you will assist yourself.

The law of conscious detachment: According to this law, by accepting what is, you will begin to accept the unchangeable realities in your life without resisting them. Facts are just facts and no matter whether or not you resist them, there is nothing you are going to do to change them, so change what you can change, but remember to have the wisdom to accept unchangeable situations as they are. This is the ability to enjoy all the positive stages of life, but also to allow the negative to flow through you without resistance and without affecting you.

The law of divine oneness: According to this law we live in a world where everything is connected to everything else. The things we do, say, think and believe affects others and the Universe around us.

The law of cause and effect: According to this law every action has a reaction or consequence and we will “reap what we have sown”. Every energy that we send out to the Universe will be returned to us, whether good or bad.

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy: All individuals have within them the power to change the conditions in their lives. Higher vibrations will consume and transform lower ones, each individual has the potential for personal growth or transformation.

The law of relativity: This law teaches us to compare our problem to others and try to put everything into proper perspective, for example no matter how bad or extreme we perceive our situation to be, there is always someone in a worse position, its all relative, all connected.

The law of rhythm: Everything in the Universe vibrates and moves to certain rhythms. Universal rhythms establish seasons, cycles, stages of development and patterns. These cycles reflects the regularity of God’s Universe. Basically everything in the Universe has got its time and place. If you would like to listen to the following audio recording, please click the link below:

Bob Garner Universal Law Of Cause And Effect mp3


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author avatar Delicia Powers
6th May 2011 (#)

Beautiful laws indeed Gemstar99...

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author avatar AnnH
7th May 2011 (#)

Thank you Delicia.

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author avatar Songbird B
6th May 2011 (#)

A great article, Gemstar...This has been a really thought provoking read....Thank you for sharing it...

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author avatar AnnH
7th May 2011 (#)

Thank you Songbird B.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
7th May 2011 (#)

Wonderful article, Gemstar99. We all need to do our best to live by these laws, and then what a wonderful world this would be. I thank you so much for this.

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author avatar AnnH
7th May 2011 (#)

Thanks Steve for your comment.

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