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Wikinut is driven by words, but any page looks twice as nice when it includes an image. Follow these steps to add some eye candy to your pages.

What types of images can I upload?

We're happy for you to upload any image that meets our terms of use, which in short means any image that you have the right to use and does not contravene our content guidelines.

In terms of format and sizes, you can upload any image with the extension .gif, .jpeg, .png or .bmp - although we convert any animated images to static. Our upper filesize limit is 5Mb which should be plenty for most images. Remember that the larger the filesize, the longer it will take to upload.

We accept images of any dimension - our system will then automatically crop and scale the image for certain uses, while showing the full image in other areas.

How to upload images - step 1

Adding an image to your page is easy. First, decide to which section you want to add your image. On this section, click the Attach image button.

You'll then see a popup, which has two sections. The top half will list any images that you have already been uploaded to a page, so this will be empty the first time you see it.

The bottom half is an image upload form. Clicking Browse will open a file explorer window which you can use to find the image on your computer. Once you've selected an image, enter a title for the image in the next box. Keep this fairly short as it will appear on your page below the image.

Then, before you click Upload image you'll need to check the box to confirm that you either own the image or have permission to use it.

Your image will then be uploaded - this may take a few seconds depending the the speed of your connection and the size of the image. Once uploaded it will appear in the top half of the page - at this point you can click on it to go to step 2.

How to upload images - step 2

Once you've chosen an image from step 1, the sytem may offer you the choice of image positions - either at the top, or on the right hand side.

Any image positoned on the right will be shrunk down to fit the width available, but will sit nicely next to your text. An image positioned at the top will sit above your text and can fill the full width of the page.

Note, if you are adding an image to the first section on the page you will not see this step - your image will automatically be positioned on the right.

How to upload images - step 3

The final step is to decide whether you want you image to be used as the preview for your article. This will appear next to your summary whenever your page appears on a category list, or search page.

If the image you've uploaded is the first one on the page, you may as well use it as your preview image. If you already have a preview image, then you need to think about which one will work better as a preview.

Remember that the preview image is square, and so images that have a different aspect ratio will be cropped automatically to this shape.

Whatever option you choose, the popup will close and the image will appear next to the section in the editor. You then just need to save the page to confirm the change.

Removing images

If you want to remove an image from a section, it's very simple. Just click the Remove button below the preview image on the left side of the section.

As with any change you'll then need to save the page again. If you want to add another image to the section, just follow the steps above again.

The image will still be in the library for the page, so if you want to reuse the image it will be sat in the list availabe if you click Attach image again.


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