Urban Impact: a ministry that cares about at risk city children

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I was reading about this great Church and the wonderful Rev, Who has helped so many, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania kids. Sometimes when we see today's kids we forget, there are adults who care deeply for them.

A Reverend wants to start a ministry for children

The Rec Dr. Ed Glover in 1995 was a research pastor of the Allegheny Center Alliance Church. He had an idea of a starting a ministry in which he felt he was called. This ministry that he was felt that he was called and feels there was a need for this ministry outreach. Part of his calling was that he had to meet the needs of the spirituality of each called involved in the ministry and help children who would join his ministry in their walk with the Lord. He also wants to meet all the kids needs

A Bible Ministry

He is aware that a majority of youth aren't reading their Bibles because their Bibles because so many of at-need kids have been they either can't read or are reading way below their age or grade level.

Another need he felt is they need exercise as too many children spends all their days on their electronic devices. He wants them to have exercise while they are young as he doesn't want young children to turn into obese adults. But by exercise he doesn't mean putting the kids on treadmills. Rather he would rather they get exercise through recreation with other kids. Maybe a game basketball. That would make the kids have to communicate with other kids and at the same time they are getting their daily exercises all kids need.

With the basketball, it means that the children are talking with others in person, so many of today's kids communicate with each other through texting or email. It is nice to think or children were communicating the way kids used when I grew up.

Ministry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Rev Dr. Glover cared enough about this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States children that he started that is called Urban Impact. The Urban Impact has been around about 20 years Urban Impact despite its many years they still have the same mission statement.

There are some leaders in Urban Impact Ministry that each year this ministry and are dedicated to it. But, I am sure there are some that maybe moved to another state and had to stop is one of the only reasons the leg dies of Urban Impact are a bunch of great dedicated adults.

Leaders love the Urban Impact children

The leaders are dedicated to Urban Impact Ministry. They all give them their full attention on doing what they do with the children and love the way they get help to the children. They believe they are following Christ's great transmission by using their life that can help at-risk children.

One of the things the children learn is that they must respect others. They learn they can't learn to respect themselves

Urban Impact

Kids in Urban Impact from the city part of Pittsburgh. So these kids aren't in suburbs that aren't urban they have a place that is in the suburbs, and they can experience things like a field of grass and fresh air.

Then another thing that happen when a kid joins Urban Impact. There is a leader who teaches the students the Gospel from the Bible. Urban Impacts has leaders that are dedicated to the Gospel to all the children especially to the kids they feel are at risk. The leaders will start a friendship with one of the kids and help the kids that are most at risk and help the and encourage them to be good humans and give children as many chances to respond to it.

Adults like to help at risk children

The three-tiered way those with children that seem like they want to know what Urban Impact is, they use outreach programs after they start friendships.

They get the child into different programs like Urban Impact.that they can use to help children like the adult leaders such as adults urging child then that is at risk to maybe go to the Bible study together.

They help for when they get out of high school.

The adults get the children through to become leaders themselves to become leaders. Some of the kids who went to Urban Impact to become leaders by leadership development.

How they help children after they become adults

They have had the programs of an intern for one of the Urban Impact programs they get them to go to do something as a trade school, jobs, college, ministry or the military life, Where they are helping children because like themUrban Impact is not like others groups to help at-risk children. It that everybody who volunteers does everything they do according to the beliefs of the Bible and their Religious faith,

Rev Dr. Glover has a wife named Tammy and they have given the number from two of them by having what are called Urban Missionaries that make up the staff that is residents of Pittsburgh, and they change countless lives of young people when the urban impact started.They used athletes most often they still use sports.

School help from Urban Impact

Urban Impact has a place that is the performing that is the Performing Arts Academy. It is an outreach. It gives students the chance to learn instruments, acting opportunities, choir, and dance.

IN 2013, the education department that works with kids in local schools.

In Pittsburgh, they work with the children during the school year. Then during an eight weeks summer day camp in the summer months.

The Urban Impact say they have problems, but they are determined to keep the group running, some problems with the families of the children their problem is reaching out to the children and some of their problems.

They are helping the Urban Missionaries get more money to support their programs financially. Funding the volunteers who are largely caring and want to nurture these kids and getting the kids transportation to get them to and from the programs in which they are involved.

During the first 15 years of this ministry leaders paid attention of the at-risk child only. But there is more value placed on the family or guardian of that child.

IN 2013, Urban Impact used 320 volunteers and made the difference I the lives 1,500 kids.

They feed money by giving out over 26.600 meals in a year. And they are happy that 325 had a response to the Gospel out of all the kids they helped and volunteers equal 1,820 people and if every one of those 1.820 make a difference in two lives of other as a result of being involved in Urban Impact that 5,000 or more lives were impacted


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